Dynamic Cryptocurrency estimates terms & conditions

Dear Paybis Customers,

After you start a transaction to purchase a cryptocurrency on Paybis.com the timeframe to complete a payment is fixed for 30 minutes. During the initial 30 minutes timeframe the amount of cryptocurrency being purchased is fixed. Once 30 minutes have passed, the cryptocurrency payout amount will be re-calculated based on the Paybis cryptocurrency price, which is updated once a minute based on the average price from several major Crypto-Fiat exchanges (Kraken, Bitstamp, Bitfinex, etc)

Price of cryptocurrencies is very volatile, therefore in order to ensure fair trade we have switched to a new business model. We fix the cryptocurrency rate for 30 minutes to ensure most of our clients are receiving the exact amount of cryptocurrency indicated at the start of the transaction. Most of the payments are approved within 15 minutes. Therefore most transactions will not be affected by this change. However, some payments require more time due to delays from banks or from our credit card processing provider, therefore we are not in full control of it. In order to ensure there is no loss for us or you as a customer during cryptocurrency price fluctuations, the amount of the paid out cryptocurrency will be re-calculated based on the market price at the moment when we get the payment confirmation.

By proceeding to the checkout page you agree with our Terms & Conditions of Dynamic Price estimates

Sincerely yours,
Paybis Team

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