Talented Paybis Contributors and Guest Bloggers

Our blog is one of the main points of reference when it comes to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency education. We have managed to grow our knowledge database thanks to the help of our talented contributors and guest authors. Bellow, you will find more about each author, including their bio and line of work.


Paybis Contributors

paybis contributors

John Hopkins is a content manager at an asset tokenization platform Cocoricos.io. He has multiple years of experience, working with startups and consulting blockchain-based projects.

Caleb is a passionate tech writer and co-founder of The Byte Beat. He has a deep love of gadgetry, technological progress, scientific discovery, and the intersection of technology and politics.

Ralph Kalsi is an entrepreneur, blockchain enthusiast, and consultant who collaborates with businesses in Australia. With his vast knowledge and industry experience, he helps to drive sustainable business growth. He is the proud founder of Blockchain Australia™