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How to Buy Terra Luna with Credit Card or Debit Card

Buy Terra with debit card in 3 simple steps

Looking to invest in Terra (LUNA)? Paybis is a great place where to buy Terra! All it takes is three simple steps:

  • Choose how much you want to spend to buy Terra;

  • Copy and paste the address of your crypto wallet;

  • Pay with your card and get your crypto!

It gets better: we will waive the Paybis fee the first time you buy Terra with credit card! This is a great opportunity to buy LUNA instantly and at a great price: just cover the card and crypto transaction fees!

Reasons to buy LUNA

Terra is an ambitious ecosystem that bills itself as “programmable money for the Internet”.

It provides a number of stablecoins. In addition to TerraUSD that's pegged to the US dollar, it also has tokens for currencies such as Euro and South Korean won. This provides stable currencies for online transactions.

The LUNA token itself is not a stablecoin. Instead, it is used to fund the project and as a governance token. And, of course, you can buy Terra to invest in the project!

Where to buy Terra quickly and easily

If the project has caught your attention, you may now be wondering: “Where can I buy Terra quickly and easily?” Look no further: at Paybis, you can buy Terra with debit card instantly! This works like any other online purchase; in fact, if you've ever bought anything on the Internet, you already know how to buy Terra.

Moreover, we've made sure you can buy Terra with debit card in your local currency. Give it a go: even if this is your first purchase, it will be fast, simple, and intuitive!

Buy Terra with credit card instantly

The crypto market is renowned for its volatility. When the price is right, you often need to act fast. And you don't have to wait — you can buy Terra with credit card instantly right here, on this very page!

When you complete your Terra purchase, make sure you save your payment card data. Next time, you only have to enter the three-digit CVV code. This is the fastest way how to buy Terra: it only takes a few clicks!

The smartest way to purchase Terra

Now that you know how to buy Terra, you may be wondering if you really need a crypto wallet.

There are some crypto exchanges that allow you to purchase LUNA without one; instead, your crypto is stored on their own platform. This means you're not in charge: you cannot use your Terra in any way you want. Moreover, should something happen to this exchange, you might lose your crypto.

Simply put, your own wallet is the smartest way to buy Terra online.