Buy cryptocurrency with Revolut Pay

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How to Buy cryptocurrency with Revolut Pay

Steps To Buy cryptocurrency With Revolut

Here's a streamlined version of the steps to buy cryptocurrency using Revolut:
  • Sign up on Paybis
  • Verify your identity
  • Choose your cryptocurrency
  • Specify purchase amount
  • Confirm your purchase

Benefits of paying with Revolut Pay to buy cryptocurrency

Using Revolut Pay for cryptocurrency transactions offers several benefits. Revolut Pay provides a fast and cost-efficient way to purchase cryptocurrencies.

It simplifies the cryptocurrency buying process with its one-click payment system, reducing the time it takes to complete a transaction.

Overview of Revolut Pay on Paybis

Revolut Pay on Paybis offers a seamless way to purchase cryptocurrency.

It uses the funds from users' Revolut accounts to facilitate quick and easy transactions.

Revolut Pay supports multiple currencies, which is beneficial for international users. 

How Long Will It Take To Receive cryptocurrency

The time it takes to receive cryptocurrency after buying it with Revolut Pay can vary depending on several factors, including the specific cryptocurrency network's congestion and the processing speed.

Transactions can be completed from a few minutes to an hour. It might take longer during high network traffic or if additional security checks are required.