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Easy and Swift Exchange Between Yandex.Money and Advanced Cash

Paybis always tries to get all your transactions safely to the destination point, no matter how difficult they can be. For example, today we will take a look at a popular request of selling the Advanced Cash for the Yandex.Money. Yandex.Money is a famous electronic wallet company that was created in Russia. With it you can securely transfer your money, purchase goods via Internet and transfer your electronic money to the any bank accounts. It is being popular in the Eastern Europe and some Western countries. Advanced Cash is a famous electronic currency. With it, you can store and withdraw electronic money. The system is distinguished by a famous possibility to turn the electronic money into real cash without paying fees to the banks. Plus, it is a rather convenient electronic wallet with a lot of people and services connected. What do you need to do to turn your Advanced Cash into Yandex.Money?
  1. Register at if case you are a newcomer. Enter your personal profile if you’ve passed the registration already. Also, you can use your social networks accounts.
  2. Set the needed money systems (in this case they are Advanced Cash on the left and Yandex.Money on the right).
  3. Set the amount of the Advanced Cash you are going to sell or Yandex.Money currency you are going to buy.
  5. Make the payment and we will finish the exchange almost instantly.
We have got a skilled support system to make sure that you will not face any problems and unsolved questions. Here are some advantages of exchanging Advanced Cash into Yandex.Money. always tries to satisfy its clients. They will not face refunds or chargebacks in our system. Any transaction here is secure and quick. Do not waste any minute and begin working with Paybis!

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