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How to buy Yandex.Money with Bitcoins?

Paybis will help you to exchange Bitcoins to almost any other electronic currency. In this article we will instruct you how to buy Yandex.Money with Bitcoin. Yandex.Money was founded in Russia. The famous search engine company Yandex is the main competitor for Google and other well-known companies in this country and it has a lot of side services. Yandex.Money was the best creation, with a lot of kinds of protection and good offerings for regular users. The popularity of the service has led them to the Western market as well. Bitcoin is a truly remarkable new online payment system. A completely decentralized system, with low fees and virtually impossible to hack or take down, Bitcoin has earned its place as a top payment method worldwide. Bitcoin market is booming and its price is growing rapidly fast. In order to exchange your Bitcoins into Yandex.Money you need to follow these simple steps:
  1. You need to pass through the registration at Also, you can sign in with your Facebook or Google accounts as well.
  2. After the registration, please choose the proper virtual currencies for the further exchange.
  3. Now please set the amount of money you want to either spend in Bitcoins or receive in Yandex.Money. Please use the appropriate fields for that.
  4. There is no need to pass the ID verification, please proceed to the payment.
  5. After we receive your bitcoins with 1 confirmation you will be paid out almost instantly. 
Our support team consists of the real professionals. They will not let you down and leave your questions unanswered. That is why many people love our service because of the reliability and outstanding support. We always try to make our best at setting fast, secure and instant transactions. Our clients do not know such words as chargeback and refund. Try buying Yandex.Money with Bitcoin with Paybis and you’ll never seek for another company.

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