Privacy policy

General Terms

Exchange Service PayBis and its subsidiaries provide the full confidentiality of our clients.
The Confidentiality Policy with contract’s clauses manages all operations with personal data of our clients. The company identifies “personal data” as information, which includes client’s name/surname, home address, E-mail address and others items.
The main goal of our Confidentiality Policy is to make you aware of following:

  • The company’s use of IP-address and cookies
  • The types of collecting client’s personal data and the ways of its using
  • The user’s capacity for updating, improvement and deleting his/her personal data
  • The delivering client’s personal data to the third person services
  • The security policy for prevention different misunderstandings, disputes and damages.

Collection and Using of Personal Data

In the case of using the services of the web-site by a customer, our company has a right to gather client’s personal data. The kinds of such information may contain:
  • client’s name/surname
  • date of birth
  • client’s identity card with a photo
  • residence address
  • client’s personal phone number
  • E-mail address
  • client’s transactions
  • client’s banking particulars and bill numbers

Our company has a right to use customer’s personal data for the following aims:

  • For giving customer an opportunity to create and use an account on our web-site
  • For rendering to our client capability to accomplish deals on exchange service PayBis.
  • For analytics of the web-site
  • For administrative goals
  • For exploring the market (for example, client’s demands for service)
  • For support service for our customers
  • For informing our users about innovations of our company, new products and offers from PayBis and its partners (only if the customer has subscribed to our news-letter)
Our team will treat client’s personal data only for those aims that are needed for concrete operations.

Information About IP-address

The company PayBis has a right to gather a technical information about customer’s PC. Such a data may contain client’s IP-address, type of operation system and browser, which can be used for managing and reporting goals. It is statistic information, which includes client’s browsing system and performing and cannot recognize any personality.

Cookie Files

Our company uses cookies – a feature, which is capable of defining recognition to customer’s PC. Cookie files are saved on the hard drive of user’s computer. The data received from cookie files is used by our company for analytic goals like estimation of web-site’s efficiency, different administration processes etc. It allows our team to define the most visited sections of the web-site and kinds of complications, which can prevent to access the web-site by our clients.
Knowing described above information our company has a capacity to raise the quality of our electronic service by way of introduction the most needed features and resolutions of access complications.
Our web-site uses not only cookies but also web bugs that are saved in client’s emails to verify getting emails by a client and make bigger personalization for every user.
We use also third person services for analyzing the features of using the web-site The service providers put cookie files into the hard drive of customer’s computer.  Such actions allow our company to observe the web-site navigation of our visitors and general information about completed transactions. The service providers analyze and report about received information. It helps our team to define, understand and serve interests of our clients by the best way. Such information may be gathered with client’s personal data. The third person service provider may use this information only for described above goals.
If a client uses the web-site, he/she automatically consents the using cookie files for determined aims.

Divulgence of Personal Data

Our company may use client’s personal data only for the goals, which are discussed at the moment of giving the information:
  • For goals, presented in Confidentiality Policy
  • For administration goals
  • For other goals allowed by law

Client’s personal data may be delivered to the third person providers like our agents, affiliated societies, representatives and other trusted partners for using in determined limits. Our company has the right to deliver customer’s personal data to financial corporations, insurance firms, courts or any others law enforcements and agencies if it is required by law. Any of these institutions has to protect received client’s personal information and may not share it with other companies unless it is required by law. Our clients can be sure that our partners are well informed about our Confidentiality Policy and also know well their rights and obligations.

Improving/Modifying/Updating/Removal of Personal Data

In case of customer’s willing to improve, modify, update, block or remove given personal data, he/she can contact our support team anytime by sending an E-mail to [email protected].
Our company will process the client’s application if there is no incompatibility with legal rights and administrative obligations.
After client’s application, our team will give to customer all the information concerned with his/her personal data and also will render all needed copies of received personal data from a client. It is the minimum of loading by registration and putting client’s personal data into his/her account.

Security System

 Our company cares about its clients and protects the personal data of the customers. We use our security system to save client’s privacy and prevent different damages, loss, hack attacks or abuse. We give the access to client’s personal data only identified and qualified employees of our firm. Our professional staff may not disclosure our client’s personal information. According to different technical and legal developments, we may change and improve our security measures.

Preservation of Personal Data

Our company has a right to keep client’s personal data as long as it will be needed. It depends upon the aims described above in our Confidentiality Policy and also upon our administrative and legal demands. According to our accounting obligations, we will keep client’s records and personal data during at least 5 years after the accounts were deleted by customers.


Our web-site may contain the references to other partner’s web-sites of third person service providers. But the Confidentiality Policy extends only to web-site If the client wants to access to another resource, he/she must leave our web-site. Our company doesn’t supervise the content of third person sources and is not responsible for actions of third person web-sites (for example policy, offers, products, damages, errors or services etc.). If the customer visits another web-site of the third person, he/she should get to know all the rules and clauses of every resource.

Marketing Terms

Every customer may forbid the using his/her personal data in marketing goals. For prevention of such actions, each user can mark definite fields in the registration form. The client can use such a right by emailing our support team at the address [email protected].

Modifications of Information

Our company has a right to change the content, offers, polices and any other features at any time if needed. We may do this without preliminary notifications. But if it is concerned with the Confidentiality Policy our team must inform the clients by corresponding notifications on the web-site.


In case of occurrence any questions or remarks, do not hesitate to contact our professional team anytime. Our contact information you can find below.
[email protected]