Terms of Service


This Contract states all clauses of digital currency facilities Exchange Service Paybis. If clients use Exchange Service Paybis, they accept all clauses of the given contract. In case of that fact when a client doesn’t follow the rules, an exchange operation will not take place.

1.    Description of Clauses

Exchange Service is the halfway automatic framework “Paybis.com”. It is disposed at the web-site http://paybis.com.
Client is an individual or legal entity, which uses the payment system of Exchange Service. Client has to be concordant with all the terms that are needed in the Contract.
Payment Unit is a registration unit of the definite payment system. Such a unit defines a specific set of rights of claim or any other rights, which are provided by the Contract that is executable by the payment system and a client.
Payment System is an electronic money service, which allows accomplishing the national and international money transactions online: to pay for purchases, to send money from individuals to companies and opposite etc.
Receiver Account Information is a personal data of a client in the payment system. Such information is indicated in the client’s order for the Exchange Service for dispatch the payment units.
Order is a client’s information, which is accomplished in the electronic form and states the purpose of using the Exchange Service, taking into account the proposed clauses. This information is indicated in order details.

2.    The Main Object of the Contract

When the client makes an order by using technical methods of the Exchange Service, he/she permits to make compensation on behalf of Exchange Service. At the expense of client, the Service may transfer and receive an amount of payment units. These authorities are indicated in the client’s order details.

3.    Basic Theses and Clauses

The senior management of Exchange Service is not responsible for loss, caused by wrong or illegal use of the Service Paybis. The Service does not cover any damages in case of client’s mistakes in filling the forms that can lead to the sending the currency by wrong account or delays in the handling of requests and payments.

4.    Unforeseen Consequences

The Exchange Service is not liable for any mistakes or delays in processing applications and other operations, which originate from the technical failure of computer or payment system (block of accounts, freezing funds etc.), from changes in the political and civil field or any uncontrolled actions of the third person.
An exchange operation of digital currency is fully complete if the process of transferring money from Exchange Service to a client is successfully finished. Such an operation can be done by hand and is a single deal.
Concerning the return policy the amount of money, transferred for wares, is not subject to return to the client after exchange transaction.
Exchange Service can restrain a transaction of digital currency, as long as the customer will not show the identity card.
In case that the amount of received money differs from the Exchange Service order at the rate of 20% and more, then the order may be rejected by the Exchange Service.
 By the returning electronic costs, the commission of transfer is gathered from the client’s received money.
In the event of delay in getting or non-delivery of costs from or to client’s account, Exchange Service is not responsible for any loss. All the claims should be transferred to the corresponding payment system.
In the event of refusal to authenticate the mistake and authentication demands during one month or if the client gives wrong information during the registration, then his/her account will be blocked. Thus, costs of such an account will be also frozen as long as the cause of block will be found out.
The senior management of Exchange Service has a right to keep the transferred funds from clients, which try to hack or cheat scripts on the web-site.
All personal data of a client is private and may not be delivered to the third person. Exceptions are the requests of police, court or management of payment system.
If a client uses Exchange Service, then he/she concurs with the fact that Service’s responsibility is confined with funds received from customers. There are no additional guarantee and responsibility of Exchange Service to a client.

5.    Guarantee

According to the Contract, the guarantee period lasts 48 hours from the carrying out the object of the contract with Exchange Service.
If Exchange Service does not send the costs to customer’s account during 48 hours (exception are weekends and holidays), then the user can require the cancel of the agreement and return funds. All costs will be returned to the customer during 24 hours.

6.    Settlement of a Dispute

If there are some misunderstandings between a client and Exchange Service, then every dispute will be solved by way of negotiation with a client and service management.

7.    Form of the Contract

The Client and Exchange service must be aware of the legal equality of both digital and written forms.

8.    Modifications and Additions

The senior management of Exchange Service has the right to make any changes and/or additions to this Contract at any moment if it needed.

9.    Third Person

The ultimate user agrees with the following statements:

  • The Partner can use the third person services that are capable of putting funds and accomplishing transactions of different payments within partner’s site with help of your available credit card. 

  • Partner has a right to deliver personal information of a client to the third person service for performing the services on the partner’s site with using client’s available credit card. After executing the money payments with help of third person services, the client’s personal data will be delivered to the third person service provider. Personal data must include the identity card (passport) with the information, submitted during the registration process (E-mail, password, location) and also data of social sites, which is given by the client.

  • Exchange Service Company may also deliver the general information given by the customer to the third person service provider to let the last one to explore such information for determination of client’s paying capacity and responsibility. This examination may include the history of client’s transactions, which will be used for prior check-outs.

  • If the client agrees with these clauses, he/she must give the truthful information to the administration of exchange service. Any unveracious information of the user is forbidden.

  • The Client is not obliged to give his/her personal data to partner’s and/or third person services. The user must realize and accept the delivering of personal data to the third person service of user’s own accord.