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I felt myself unlucky today, because that exchange direction - what I need - was temporarily unavailable. But later an online agent sent me a notification email, when this method reopened. So already I'm successfully over the transaction. The truth is, the reopened method was working by a worse rate, than before it did; but YOU are still the best on the market! Thanks for your business! I absolutely recommend your services!!! (read more)

Pop-up windows like "Have a question?" with beep sound sometimes troubles my neighbours and hides some part of screen I was looking into. Hope we can switch the pop-up off while we don't need assistances. (read more)

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At first I was hesitant with this service, so I checked some of the reviews online. I found quite a number of positive reviews so I pushed through with it. So far the customer support(Lana) has been so helpful, courteous and has kept me updated throughout the transaction. I will be doing more transactions here - a 100% satisfied customer :) (read more)

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I have been purchasing BTC via PAYBIS.COM for nearly a year now initially via and traded weekly a few hundred Euro before switching to there official site earlier in the year. I have always been satisfied with there service and friendly staff. Communication is great and on one occasion where I needed BTC urgently they even pre-released a small amount of BTC in advance even doe they had not yet received payment on there end. Today again I accidentally made a mistake on my purchase order and I quickly pointed it out to the PAYBIS team of which they ... (read more)

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The transaction was a little complicated, but overall GOOD service and appreciate the security measures they take to provide me my bitcoins! Keep up the good work guys! (read more)

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