Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card - Policy change

Hi All, Our Credit Card processing partner have changed policy.  Now ID verification will be required for any transaction, regardless of amount. Therefore if you a new customer then we would require a Valid ID document to uploaded during verification processes.  This is needed first of all for your Safety, to ensure that you are a valid owner of the credit card.  Please note, usually ID verification happens within 15 minutes. If document quality is not good enough is document is not support, then verification might take up to 24h. Thanks for understanding Regards, PayBis team   (read more)

Restricted USA States

Dear USA Clients, Would like to inform that we will no longer be able to provide our services to Residents of the following States: New York New Hampshire Georgia Connecticut New Mexico Washington Hawaii As soon as necessary permissions will be obtained we will resume our services in respective states.  We are sorry for any inconveniences this may have caused. Kind Regards, Yours Paybis team (read more)

We welcome our new CTO!

We are extremely excited to welcome Yuri Pimenov as our new CTO! Yuri will take responsibility for our full technology stack with objective to bring Paybis to the next level in order to support our fast growing user base and product offerings. We are sure Yuri has a right fit both from past CTO experiences and from sharing our passion for emerging Blockchain technologies. This looks to be a great journey for us ahead! (read more)

Special Offer: Bitcoin -> Money Gram, 1% fee!

Hello Folks! Special offer for 30-31 December, exchange your Bitcoin to Money Gram transfer for 1% fee (instead of 5%). Happy New Year! (read more)

Paybis Banners

Great News! Paybis Banners are now available under Marketing Materials in our Referral Program. Sign in and explore various designs and sizes. Use them to earn more comissions together with us! p.s. As a reminder on how to Start click on Referral Program link click on Send Invitation Button check your email for Credentials (Login and Pass) use the credentails to login to your personal account at after logging in you will see your referral link in Manage Account Page that looks like this: you are all set! If you wish to use our banners, they are available here.  In case of questions, do not hesitate ... (read more)

Working time during New Year Holidays

Dear Visitors! We would like to notify you that during New Year Eve and next days (31 December - 1 January) our support time will be limited, therefore your transactions/verifications will be processed with delays. Hope for your understanding and we wish a Happy 2017 New Year!  (read more)

Buy Bitcoin Without ID & Verification - Here is How

Dear Paybis customers, In the last couple of years, central institutions have made it a lot harder to buy Bitcoin anonymously. Most cryptocurrency exchanges that allowed users to buy BTC with no ID are either gone or very regulated. They will ask for your ID as soon as you create an account, in order to whitelist your wallet(s). Thankfully, there are still a few options that you can use to skip the verification process in order to maintain your privacy. And in this article, we will show you the best ones. Buy Bitcoin without ID ... (read more)

You can get Callcoin codes now!

Hello Dear Paybis and Callcoin community! We are happy to announce partnership with Callcoin team:  Callcoin is an interactive service which allows making international calls with a great quality at a very low price using the popular messenger – Telegram. Since that moment you may instantly buy Callcoin codes to top up the balance. The process of purchasing code: Choose the payment method (update: callcoin has been disabled!) Enter the amount you want to buy (for example 5 EUR) Start the transaction and follow payment instructions.  After the payment is completed and verified you will get a Callcoin code by email or as ... (read more)

Promotion: Cashout Bitcoin into your PayPal Account

If you wish to Cashout your BitCoins, we are here for you! Send us BitCoin and we send you funds to your PayPal account as to our friend! p.s. we have reduced the fee to 1%   (read more)

FAQ on USA Gift Card Sale

If you are selling a Gift Card for the first time on our website, please be aware that your transaction will be put on hold while we are processing it. The processing time will take up to 24 hours if the card's balance is <100$ or up to 48 hours if the card's balance is 101$-300$.  However, we will reconsider the waiting time with each subsequent transaction. For all cards we require physical card picture and cash receipt, no exceptions made.  Please note, in very rare cases the processing time could be longer then 48h, but you will be informed about that ... (read more)