We Have introduced Automatic Transactions

Hi All, It's been a while since our last updates! We have been working hard to get new features out! We are happy to announce that we have started to accept automatic payments from: - Paxum, Okpay, Perfect Money, Web Money and BITCOINS!  This Means you can login and make payment directly via your account as we have integrated with above mentioned payment systems and platforms.   Additionally we are now able to make automatic payouts to the following systems: - Paxum, Okpay, Perfect Money! - Web Money and Bitcoins are coming out soon!   This way you can place your Exchange Request in Automatic Transaction section and they will ... (read more)

Automatic PayPal Payments!

Hello, We are happy to announce that we start accepting automatic PayPal payments via "Pay with PayPal" Integration.  Now you are able to place your order and pay immediately with your PayPal account. Our operators will review your order and make payouts from the corresponding payment provider that you've selected in your order (Perfect Money, Okpay or Wire Transfer) Soon we will be able to accept automatic payments in similar way for other systems.  Kind Regards, Your, Team (read more)

Skype scammers banned

Hi,   After contacing with Skype Support we have managed to suspend fake skype accounts with help from Skype fraud prevention team.   All, Please be carefull out there! We will never ask you to send us money via skype or other messenger services without an order on If you are not sure or suspect something please email us or contact our support agend via Online Chat, better to doublecheck than fall in hands of scam.   We wish you safe financial transactions over the internet!   Kind Regards, Your PayBis Team Contact us via    (read more)

Warning - Skype Scammers use our identity for fraudulent activities

Dear All, We would like to raise a Warning Flag!   There has been several Fake Skype accounts created, that pretend to be persons working for our company and offering fake services to our customers. As result customers send them money to specific fake accounts (e.g. [email protected]) and do not get anything in return!  Please check carefully skype id and compare to skype id's specified on our website. If you are unsure, safest way is to contact our customer support via built in Online Chat and verify that person to whom you are talking on skype is valid representative. So far, there has been ... (read more)

E-currency exchange

During last years electronic or virtual currencies have rapidly grown and steadiliy developed, as result people start to trust and use them more than bank cards or real cash. Benefits are obvious: all operations and finansial transactions can be done from home or office, being at your PC or Mobile Device, being in control of your accounts balance, make payments and purchase goods and services from another side of the planet, giving away much less in fees comparing to local banks who are still on mainframes and 40 years old technologies.  Currently there are so many available electronic currencies that listing ... (read more)

Working Times

Dear Customers, Please pay attention, our working time is 24/7! Our average response times are the following - average response time to online chats is ~15 seconds. - average response to Account verification reuqests is ~60 mins. - average response to exchange order is ~30 mins.  - All submitted Account Verification requests and Exchange Orders are currently reviewed and processed by operators.  - Carefully read all information provided to you on website while performing actions and in emails that you recieve afterwards In case of questions or issues, please do not hesitate to contact us via web sites Online Chat or any other communication channels specified in the ... (read more)

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