Litecoin transactions are 10x times Cheaper than Bitcoin!

Dear Customers, Due to high demand Bitcoin network is overloaded, more than 200k unconfirmed transactions, as results Bitcoin network fees are as high as 13$ per transaction, vs 0.1$ in Litecoin network. If you are paying other merchants for goods or services with Bitcoin, consider using Litecoin over Bitcoin as its much cheaper and confirmation times are almost instant.  If you are buying Bitcoin for investment, please mind high fees so you would not get surprised afterwards! Yours, Paybis Team (read more)

Credit Card processing Maintenance - Completed!

Update: Maintanance Over! Happy buying! Dear Users, We are having a short Maintenance for Credit Card payment option. We should be back soon! Sorry for any inconveniences this may have caused. Yours, Paybis Team, (read more)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Dear Paybis Clients, Partners! We wish Happy Thanksgiving Day to you and your loved ones. At this time of Thanksgiving celebration, our thoughts turn gratefully to you with warm appreciation for being with us. Our best wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving. Being part of Paybis family means you are part of something very wonderful! Yours, Scincerly Paybis Team (read more)

Please rate us at Web Of Trust (WOT) portal

Hi Dear Paybis Clients, friends and partners! We are asking your to help to improve our ratings at Web of Trust portal, WOT -  Please rate our service, it would only take 2 minutes of your precious time! Thank you! (read more)

Bitcoin network problems and delayed payouts - Resolved!

Dear customers, As you might have noticed, the bitcoin network is currently overloaded.  Due to this problem, some of you might experience delays with getting a payout from us or not getting bitcoins at all for your transactions. If you are witnessing such a problem, please send us an email to [email protected] describing your problem and giving us your invoice number (i.e. PB123123123T1).  Please note that sending several inquiries about a single problem will only make us spend more time to solve it, which is why we highly encourage you to only send 1 email per problem. We hope for your understanding and ask for ... (read more)

Update: Bitcoin transactions delay - Blockchain overloaded

Dear Customers, There is high number of unconfirmed transactions on the Bitcoin blockchain, as a result your transactions might be in unconfirmed state for several hours or even not show up on some blockchain explorers for some period.  We recommend using explorer as most stable and trustful one.  This is something out of our control as number of unconfirmed transactions grows very fast, therefore we are asking for your patience!  Kind Regards, PayBis Team (read more)

Better Visa/Master card fees and limits!

Dear Paybis Customers, Our Team is constantly working to ensure our clients are getting the best deal possible, therefore we are delighted to bring you the following great news: - Minimum Credit Card Processing fee had been reduced to $5,  i.e. previously on your deposit of $50 you were getting $36.2 in Bitcoins resulting in 27.6% commission BUT NOW you will get an amazing $40.95 on the same $50 deposit - that is astonishing 12% MORE BITCOINS on the same deposit. - Daily Limit per person IS DOUBLED rising from $5000 to $10000 - Monthly Limit per person IS INCREASED even more rising from ... (read more)

Delays with Credit Card verifications - problem solved

Dear customer, We would like to inform you that we are experiencing some technical issues which cause delays for new incoming Credit Card verifications. It is expected that the issue will be fixed within the next few hours. We apologize for any inconveniences caused by this. Your patience is highly appreciated. P.S. Other incoming verifications are not affected. UPDATE: Problem Solved! (read more)

Purchase eGift Card on

Hello Dear Clients! We are happy to announce a new service that we are launching in Beta mode. You will get gift card code via email after successful payment. We strongly advise to redeem the code right away to avoid any losses.  Its now possible to purchase eGift Cards on! The following payment methods are supported:  Bitcoin Advanced Cash Perfect Money Okpay Payeer Web Money (via Paymer checks) Epay Payza Before making a purchase, please get familiar with our Refund Policy Yours, Paybis Team (read more)

Skrill is available for exchange!

Hi All, We are happy to announce that it is now possible to top up your Skrill account via our exchange!  Please note, there could be delays in receiving Skrill as all operations are done in manual mode at the moment. Kind Regards, Your Paybis Team (read more)

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