Happy Independence Day!

Dear US customers, would like to wish you Happy Independence Day. Tuesday marks the 241 year that the USA will celebrate Independence Day. On behalf of every member of our team we would like to wish you Happy 4th of July. Please enjoy this day out with your friends and family and remember your fatherland's sacrifice to gain your freedom today. Yours, support team (read more)

Paybis Slashes Bitcoin Purchase Fees by 25% on Credit and Debit Card Payments

Dear customers, We are very happy to announce that we have just slashed our Bitcoin purchase fees by 25% on Credit and Debit card payments. You can now buy Bitcoin for a very reasonable price! Hurry up and start your order now! Yours, support team (read more)

Bitcoin is available again! Hurry up and use your favorite payment option now!

Dear Customers, we are really happy to announce that all problems with the bitcoin supply have been solved. You can now use your favorite payment option to buy Bitcoin again. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact our 24/7 support team. Best regards support team (read more)

BTC Sold Out

Dear Clients! Unfortunately it will not be possible to purchase bitcoins on our website until further notice, we are sold out, awaiting BTC Reserves replenishment. However, you can still sell your bitcoins to us or make any other e-currency exchanges (read more)

Withdraw your bitcoins via SEPA bank transfer for a great fee!

Dear customers, we are happy to announce that we have lowered our fee for Bitcoin to SEPA Bank Transfer orders! You can now withdraw your bitcoin for near market price of Kraken exchange. We also do not require verification for this type of orders. For all orders above 2000EUR we will send express SEPA payments which usually arrive in few hours. So hurry up and cash out your bitcoin now! Best regards, your Team (read more)

Credit card payment option is back! Use your Visa or MasterCard now!

Dear Customers, after a little break credit card payment option is back. You can now use you Visa or MasterCard credit card to buy bitcoins from  Hurry up to make your purchase now, we think next year bitcoin will be worth around $7000 per 1 BTC (read more)

Credit Cards temporary not accepted

Dear Customers! We apologize but Credit Card services is temporary not available until further notice! We are very sorry for any inconveniences this may have caused! (read more)

Yandex Level 1 verification updated

Dear Paybis Clients, Due to increased fraud risk we had to update Yandex Level1 verificatin requirements. As result some of your verifications & transactions have been rejected and additional info request. We are sorry for any inconveniance this may have caused.  (read more)

Mastercard cards temporarily not supported

Dear customers, Due to some technical problems, MasterCards are temporarily not supported by our processing partner. The problem shall be fixed within the next few days. P.S. VISA and Maestro cards are working properly. (read more)

PayPal is temporarily unavailable

Dear visitors and customers, We would like to inform you that PayPal payment method will be temporarily unavailable for buy and sell offers. We are doing our best to bring it back as soon as possible.   (read more)

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