Temporary issues with Card Payments - Resolved

Update: Problem has been resolved! Dear Clients, Our partner Simplex is experiencing temporary issues with accepting card payments.  The problem is being worked on, if you face Error while making payment, please try again later. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused, Yours Paybis Team   (read more)

Changes to Yandex.Money limits

Dear customers, We would like to inform you that we have increased the limits for Money.Yandex transactions. Please check the required verification and the limits here:  Regards, Your PayBis team! (read more)

Website maintenance is complete

Dear users and visitors, We are glad to announce that website maintenance is complete and we are ready for your orders! Kind Regards, Your PayBis team. (read more)

Website Maintenance

Dear customers and visitors, We would like to inform you that our website is currently undergoing maintenance, and you will not be able to open a new transaction in the meantime. We will be back soon! P.S. All ongoing orders will be completed without any delays or problems.   (read more)

Maintenance planned today from 10-12am CET

Dear Paybis Customers We have planned maintenance works during which our website will not be operational. Downtime is expected to be from 30-60 minutes, during 10-12AM CET timeframe. We are sorry for any inconveniences this may cause, Kind Regards, PayBis Team (read more)

Paybis position regarding UAHF

Dear Paybis Customers and Bitcoin community, We would like to state that we are not planning to support any Bitcoin Hardforks that are not supported by majority of the Bitcoin community. As result per current situation, we are not planning to support UAHF aka Bitcoin Cash at this stage of time. Regards, PayBis Team (read more)

Bitcoin price volatility warning!

Dear Paybis Customers, Bitcoin price is facing High Volatility during last weeks due to upcoming Hardfork. As result we would like to remind you regarding the clause in our TOS: In case the Crypto Currency amount to be send to client in the marketplace transaction differs from market value for more than 2% between transaction start time and the time of transaction to be completed, marketplace reserves the right to contact customer and inform him about new amount of Crypto Currency to be paid out.   This applies to both directions, in case price drops we are sending extra in BTC to compensate for price ... (read more)

Happy Independence Day!

Dear US customers, would like to wish you Happy Independence Day. Tuesday marks the 241 year that the USA will celebrate Independence Day. On behalf of every member of our team we would like to wish you Happy 4th of July. Please enjoy this day out with your friends and family and remember your fatherland's sacrifice to gain your freedom today. Yours, support team (read more)

Paybis Slashes Bitcoin Purchase Fees by 25% on Credit and Debit Card Payments

Dear customers, We are very happy to announce that we have just slashed our Bitcoin purchase fees by 25% on Credit and Debit card payments. You can now buy Bitcoin for a very reasonable price! Hurry up and start your order now! Yours, support team (read more)

Bitcoin is available again! Hurry up and use your favorite payment option now!

Dear Customers, we are really happy to announce that all problems with the bitcoin supply have been solved. You can now use your favorite payment option to buy Bitcoin again. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact our 24/7 support team. Best regards support team (read more)

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