Better Visa/Master card fees and limits!

Dear Paybis Customers,

Our Team is constantly working to ensure our clients are getting the best deal possible, therefore we are delighted to bring you the following great news:

- Minimum Credit Card Processing fee had been reduced to $5,  i.e. previously on your deposit of $50 you were getting $36.2 in Bitcoins resulting in 27.6% commission BUT NOW you will get an amazing $40.95 on the same $50 deposit - that is astonishing 12% MORE BITCOINS on the same deposit.
- Daily Limit per person IS DOUBLED rising from $5000 to $10000
- Monthly Limit per person IS INCREASED even more rising from  $20000 to $50000

Our team brings its best effort to ensure our Client Satisfaction rating is one of the best in the industry, currently averaging 9.2 out of 10 according to Trustpilot reviews.

Paybis Team

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