E-currency exchange

During last years electronic or virtual currencies have rapidly grown and steadiliy developed, as result people start to trust and use them more than bank cards or real cash. Benefits are obvious: all operations and finansial transactions can be done from home or office, being at your PC or Mobile Device, being in control of your accounts balance, make payments and purchase goods and services from another side of the planet, giving away much less in fees comparing to local banks who are still on mainframes and 40 years old technologies. 

Currently there are so many available electronic currencies that listing and counting all of them is almost impossible. From one side, we have an option to chose the best electronic currency in our region and depending on the company that we would like to purchase something from. From another side it's becoming more complicated to keep control over various payment platforms, add and remove funds, and transfer money from one payment platform to another.  

Most of the payment platforms allow adding and withdrawing funds to/from bank accounts and credit cards, however they dont provide possibility to transfer funds to another payment provide, for example like in domain name business it's easy to transfer management of your domain to another company.

Our company see's that as a problem for people and offers a solution, that allows you to easily transfer funds from one payment platform to another, quickly and effectively, without much hassle. Thats is the reason we have decided to create PayBis.com and start offering our exchange services to all of you folks around the globe!

Yours, PayBis Team

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