Now you can buy BitCoins here!

We are happy to announce that now You can Buy BitCoins on our site and pay with several payment systems (Paxum, Perfect Money, Okpay).  

Purchasing is fully Automated and happens without Operators effort. After BTC Purchase Order is paid BitCoins are being Purchased for you based on the BTC Price that was fixed in the order.


Example: Paxum->BitCoins

a) On Home Page select Paxum->BitCoin exchange. Enter desired amount in "You Spend" or "Your Recieve" fields.

Please note that BTC price changes in realtime, thus amount in "You Spend" or "Your Recieve" fields might slightly change every several seconds.


b) Paste your BitCoin Wallet ID (i.e. 12L3RwH8GZpKATWCaRGX4RcVWr7kPpMW57) to the "Your BitCoin Account Details" field, theck all other info and Continue


c) Pay with Paxum (you will see instructions where to send funds in My Dashboard)


d)  After Transfering funds please mark transaction As Paid


e) Then BTC Payout will be initiated. Normally within 30-60 minutes you will see an Unconfirmed Transaction to your BTC Wallet.

Please note, since BTC's are purchased in real time from the market it could take much longer, even up to several hours

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