Bitcoin Cash is back

Dear customers,
We are happy to inform you that we are re-enabling the sale of Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

On November 15 2018 Bitcoin Cash was hard forked as part of a scheduled protocol upgrade.

Most market players have decided to support Bitcoin ABC, which follows the Bitcoin Cash upgrade roadmap published by Following the standard of the majority of exchanges, BCH ticker will be associated with Bitcoin ABC version.

We are monitoring the situation and will decide later if we will support Bitcoin SV (BSV) version and will keep you updated.
Warning: after the fork if you wish to purchase BCH please ensure that your wallet supports the Bitcoin ABC protocol and not Bitcoin SV. We will not take any liability for sending BCH to an address on wrong network, since you specify the address during the initiation of transaction on Paybis.

In case of any questions, feel free to contact us!
Best regards,
Paybis Team.

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