The subject-matter of these Terms and Conditions (the “gift card terms” or “terms”) for Paybis Gift Card services provided by Paybis LTD (hereinafter referred to as “Company”, “Paybis” or “we”), with its registered address at 1 West Regent Street, Glasgow, Scotland, G2 1RW, Identification No.: SC533961, is to regulate the related mutual rights and obligations between the Customer and the Company, to stipulate the terms and conditions of their use, and other facts relevant for using Paybis Gift Card.

As a Customer, you agree to these terms prior to beginning to use the Services provided by the Company. Any legal relationships not explicitly provided for by these terms will be governed by the applicable laws of the United Kingdom, unless stipulated otherwise.


Paybis Gift Card is a digital voucher which consists of a unique 16-character code. The Card’s details are delivered to the Customer via an electronic message sent to an electronic address provided by the Customer. The process of the Gift Card’s delivery, and hence the receipt of the Gift Card by the Customer, is fully digital. The Paybis Gift Card can be used only on the website www.paybis.com for converting the face value of this voucher denominated in EUR, USD or GBP currencies into a Cryptocurrency of Customer’s choice offered on the Website; Crypto Voucher is not a means of payment, an electronic money means or any other means pursuant to the applicable payment services laws.

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds, operating independently of a central bank. Some examples of cryptocurrencies include Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH) and others. The full list of cryptocurrencies available for conversion with a Paybis Gift Card is found on the Website.
Warning: Cryptocurrencies are a risky asset and may depreciate in value significantly or even completely lose their value. Cryptocurrencies are also decentralized, which implies that any misuse or loss of the cryptocurrencies is non-refundable.

Throughout this agreement the following terms are used:

Website; means a set of related web pages and their content located under the domain www.paybis.com.

Conversion means the exchange of the Paybis Gift Card for a certain amount of Cryptocurrency available on the Website at a value corresponding to the exchange rate at the time of the Conversion minus the service fees applied by the Company. The exchange rate in a transaction is provided on the Website where “Paybis Gift Card” is selected as the Payment Method (for example, paybis.com/buy-bitcoin-with-paybis-gift-card/, paybis.com/buy-ripple-xrp-with-paybis-gift-card/ or similar). The Paybis Gift Card is a single-use card, which implies that the Gift Card’s face value in full amount will be converted to the corresponding amount of cryptocurrency and it is not possible to use a Paybis Gift Card in several Conversions or to use only a part of the Card’s value.

Face Value means the monetary value assigned to a Paybis Gift Card as indicated in the transaction details at the time of Gift Card’s purchase/receipt. At the same time, the Face Value serves as the property value that forms the basis of the Conversion amount into the Cryptocurrency selected by the Customer. The Paybis Gift Card cannot be used to purchase another Paybis Gift Card, cannot be changed for money in the form of an officially recognized currency, is non-returnable and non-refundable.

Customer means a natural person who performs a Conversion of a Paybis Gift Card into a Cryptocurrency offered on the Website. A Customer is the sole owner of a Paybis Gift Card and such Gift Card is obtained in a lawful manner.


The subject-matter of the Agreement is the Conversion of the Paybis Gift Card into a Cryptocurrency, the stipulation of the terms and conditions for the Conversion and acquisition of the Cryptocurrency, and the establishment, opening and use of an account and other legal relations related to the possession and conversion of the Paybis Gift Card.

The Agreement is entered into by means of an Order/Transaction created by a Customer through the Website. At the time of creating an Order/Transaction, the Customer is required to provide their receiving cryptocurrency wallet address. The Customer agrees and understands that it is the sole responsibility of the Customer to ascertain that the cryptocurrency wallet address provided in a transaction belongs to and is controlled by the Customer.

The Company reserves the right to request the Customer to verify their identity. If requested, this process is mandatory, as it can be necessary in some cases to verify the Customers’ identity to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing (Anti Money Laundering Law). In cases when Customers are requested to verify their identity, the transaction created by such Customers will be pending for as long as their identity is not verified.

The Company is not liable for the loss, destruction or misuse of the Paybis Gift Card by an unauthorized person.


The Company reserves the right to temporarily or permanently restrict the Paybis Gift Card if:

  1. the Customer is using the Gift Card in violation of the law or in violation of the provisions of the terms and the Agreement;
  2. the Gift Card was acquired in violation of the law;
The Company will not accept Gift Cards for Conversion from Customers who are residents of one of the restricted locations as listed in our Eligibility section.


Paybis will always strive to provide an efficient and professional service and will aim to provide prompt, courteous, helpful, open, and informative advice in respect of every communication received.

Any Customer or potential Customer has the right to complain about Paybis’ service or product, including problems with the Paybis Gift Card. The complaints should be communicated to Paybis by sending an email to [email protected] Paybis strives to deal with each complaint and issue a response within 15 days of the initial complaint. We record and analyze all complaints in order to improve our services.