Paybis를 신뢰하는 이유

  • 유럽연합, 미국 규칙 준수
  • 2016년부터 서비스 중
  • 투명한 수수료 구조
  • 연중무휴 실시간 지원
  • 150개 이상의 암호화폐와 법정화폐
  • 즉각적인 인증
  • 초고속 암호화폐 결산
  • 100명 이상의 전문 인력
  • 20억 달러 이상의 거래량 처리
  • 모바일 네이티브 경험
  • It is very easy to use, and transaction moves very fast.

  • Eficiency, simplicity and safety.

  • Everything from the ID verification to purchasing the Bitcoin was sooooo easy and quick. I've used several different exchanges and wallets and this one, by far, is the best to date.

  • That the allowed minimum purchase of 6 dollars. Others were asking 30+ dollars.

  • Straightforward and easy to use. I have been using Paybis for several months on a weekly basis and have not had any issues. My funds arrive almost immediately into my external wallet.

  • It worked!!!

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