Paybis를 신뢰하는 이유

  • 영국, 유럽연합, 미국 규칙 준수
  • 2016년부터 서비스 중
  • 투명한 수수료 구조
  • 연중무휴 실시간 지원
  • 150개 이상의 암호화폐와 법정화폐
  • 즉각적인 인증
  • 초고속 암호화폐 결산
  • 100명 이상의 전문 인력
  • 20억 달러 이상의 거래량 처리
  • 모바일 네이티브 경험
  • Overall the site is great and the service speed and fees are reasonable. I'd give it a 5 star but I can't finish a payment transaction on my phone, have to go into my computer account to be able to finish a payment processing, the phone hangs on the payment screen forever otherwise. This is one of the better vendors! Been working with them about a year and so far, all good.

  • It was so quickly my money remittanoe

  • Wooooow This is saving my life 🥹🥹

  • Witam serdecznie wszystko w porządku

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