Paybis를 신뢰하는 이유

  • 숨겨진 수수료 없음
  • 5분 내로 인증
  • EU 및 미국 규제 준수
  • 연중무휴 24시간 고객 서비스
  • 전문 지식과 경력을 갖춘 40인 팀
  • 연간 수익 $170,000,000 이상
  • 즉각 암호화폐 지급
  • 시중 최저 수수료
  • 초보자 및 프로를 위한 훌륭한 옵션
  • 180개국 이상 서비스 제공
  • Its easy and instant. Customer service is very good and friendly. I made lots of transactions with them. I am also a verified user from long time.

  • Excellent transaction. Very happy to do business with Paybis

  • Good service, friendly and helpful support. Got my crypto quick and the fees could be lower but overall quality experience.

  • Frais un peu élevé à mon gout je crois, sinon RAS 🔥

  • I rate Paybis a 4star bcuz it was pretty smoothe. Other than the verification it wasn't very hard. I just had trouble with the verification so It took 5 hours to b able to access my bitcoin. But I've had way worse trouble with 2 other sites so I would definitely use Paybis again in the future!

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