Paybis를 신뢰하는 이유

  • 영국, 유럽연합, 미국 규칙 준수
  • 7년 간 운영된 거래소
  • 투명한 수수료 구조
  • 수백만의 신뢰를 받는 거래소
  • 10개의 암호화폐 & 47개의 법정화폐
  • 즉각적인 인증
  • 초고속 암호화폐 결산
  • 50명 이상의 전문 인력
  • $250,000,000 연간 거래량
  • 초보자와 전문가 모두가 이용하는 거래소
  • You you guys are the first one to get the account approved I must admit the process is a lot more until than I anticipated but still you're the last one I tried in the first one to approve my account customer service did respond and the reasonable amount of time for adequate answer so in my opinion you deserve five stars.

  • Swift Exchange, but rates are quite high... Although very high also in other platforms as well. Wish it was a bit lower. But all in all, great service.

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