Warum Menschen Paybis vertrauen

  • UK, EU, USA konform
  • 7 Jahre im Geschäft
  • Transparente Gebührenstruktur
  • Supporto clienti live 24/7
  • 10 Kryptowährungen & 47 Fiat-Währungen
  • Sofortige Verifizierung
  • Blitzschneller Transfer von Kryptowährungen
  • 50+ engagierte Fachleute
  • 250.000.000 $ jährliches Volumen
  • Wird von Anfängern und Profis gleichermaßen genutzt
  • Keep it real & 2 the point, used Paybis 4 the 1st time and I was a little tripped out on the verification process, but my purchase went cooooooo. I received confirmation from my seller and now just waiting for my package. If I anything negative comes up, I'll make Sure 2 POST IT! Note: Don't knock it, till you try it.

  • Super easy to create an account. The only thing I would have like would have been the ability to choose the camera when taking a selfie. I had to switch from my desktop computer to my phone to complete the process.

  • Enregistrement rapide, paiement simple avec carte de crédit. Le bénéficiaire reçoit le paiement très vite. Pas de souci.

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