The NGMI meaning is “Not Gonna Make It”. It is an internet slang term commonly used by the crypto community to express a lack of faith in the success of things like, a token, NFT project, or investment. 

Within the dynamic crypto community, a distinctive language has emerged, giving birth to crypto slang like NGMI, WAGMI, HODL, FUD, and many more. 

If you’re an active crypto Twitter or Discord participant, chances are you’ve come across these terms being used by your fellow crypto enthusiasts. This lingo serves as a way for individuals to express their views and opinions about the crypto market and its developments.

In this blog post, we will delve into the meaning of NGMI, an internet slang term that has gained popularity in recent times. We will explore its definition, how it is used, and its difference from a similar term, “WAGMI.”

NGMI Meaning

The NGMI meaning is “Not Gonna Make It“. It is an internet slang term commonly used by the crypto community to express a lack of faith in the success of things like, a token, NFT project, or investment. 

In essence, NGMI serves as a quick and concise way for people to convey their pessimistic views or predictions about certain endeavors within the crypto world.

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What does NGMI mean?

So what does NGMI mean

The origin of the catchphrase “NGMI” can be traced back to the /fit/ board on 4chan /fit/ is a community primarily focused on fitness, self-improvement, and achieving personal goals related to physical health. 

In this context, NGMI meaning stands for “Not Gonna Make It,” and it’s a phrase used to mock or criticize individuals who are perceived as not putting in enough effort or dedication toward their fitness goals.

In 2021, the phrase found its way into other online communities, including /biz/, the business board on 4chan. The connection between /biz/ and WallStreetBets, another online community primarily focused on stock trading and investment discussions, contributed to the cross-pollination of internet slang terms like “NGMI.”

The WallStreetBets Gamestop squeeze, which gained significant attention in early 2021, attracted members from different online communities, including 4chan’s /biz/. As a result, memes, catchphrases, and internet culture, such as those originating from /fit/ like “NGMI,” were introduced to the WallStreetBets audience.

What is NGMI in the crypto community?, “NGMI” has gained traction as a way to express doubt and skepticism about certain investments or cryptocurrencies. Given the volatile nature of the crypto market and the prevalence of meme coins. The use of “NGMI” in this context suggests that the mentioned crypto might not be a wise investment choice and could lead to financial losses.

How to use NGMI?

If you are wondering how to use NGMI,  it can often be used as a cautionary term by investors to identify and call out “shit coins” or NFT projects with little to no real value or progress. Its purpose is to protect the community from investing in projects that might not have a viable future. It serves as a reminder that skepticism is a rational and natural response in the ever-evolving market.

The term also highlights the importance of recognizing the distinction between short-term profit-driven decisions and the true long-term potential of a project. Some investors may focus solely on quick gains without considering the underlying value and potential impact of the project. By using NGMI, the community can criticize these short-sighted decisions and encourage a more thoughtful approach to investment.

While NGMI can be seen as negative slang, using it sarcastically and for fun can serve as a gentle reminder for investors to conduct thorough research and due diligence. Sarcasm can sometimes be a playful way to encourage better decision-making without being overly aggressive.

It’s necessary to use the term in a constructive and non-targeted manner. Instead of directing it at individuals, it should be employed to address specific decisions and actions. This ensures that the focus remains on the project’s merits and drawbacks rather than personal attacks.

What does WAGMI mean?

So what does WAGMI mean? WAGMI is an acronym for “we are going to make it” and originated from Zyzz, a popular internet personality and bodybuilder who gained a significant following in the fitness community. After his untimely death in 2011, the phrase became a catchphrase within the online bodybuilding community, serving as a form of motivation and support for individuals struggling with self-esteem issues and criticism from others. 

What is WAGMI’s connection to the crypto space, which likely comes from its widespread popularity in online communities? As for crypto enthusiasts, the catchphrase transcended its original context and found new relevance in the world of cryptocurrency. It became a way for crypto enthusiasts for confidence and to support each other through the volatile nature of the market and the challenges faced in the crypto space. 

WAGMI is a powerful slogan used to rally support for your beloved creator in the crypto realm. One can express their backing by purchasing their NFTs or purchasing any tokens. WAGMI serves as a comforting support during market downturns, demonstrating resilience against negativity.

What is the difference between NGMI and WAGMI?

So, what is the difference between NGMI and WAGMI? Let’s understand the meaning of NGMI and WAGMI meaning in detail. 







Not Going to Make It Signifies failure due to a bad decision. Negative Used to express doubt, skepticism, or a cryptocurrency’s potential for success in trading.


We’re All Gonna Make It Expresses belief in the community’s success. Positive Used to foster a sense of interconnectedness and optimism about financial success, especially during market upswings.

The Rise of NGMI Meme Culture

NGMI memes are shared across different platforms, including Twitter, Reddit, and Instagram. We will explore some popular NGMI memes and their contexts to understand how internet culture influences the dissemination of such phrases.

Middle Curves

Middle Curves

Image Source

In the above meme, the meme guy is shown reacting to two different things. 

On the left side, some people have bought without asking anything or researching and following the bullish trend, on the right side, some people have bought what they understand and investing for the long term, while in the middle of the curve, a guy is worrying about various things and having panic attacks and facing anxiety so he is not going to make it.



Image Source

Our fellow meme investor, Wojak, here is having a FOMO (fear of missing out) and worrying about buying too much thus, could not able to sleep well at night just staring at every movement of his portfolio, so he is not going to make it.

Can I screenshot your NFT?

Can I screenshot your NFT?

Image Source

This meme is an illustration of the sentiment around the time when NFTs were beginning to garner attention, and those who did not understand them fully had undermined their value by implying they are useless as anybody could simply screenshot them.

They couldn’t understand why people were paying millions for some pictures of cartoon apes, yet those who were early to get on the bandwagon of NFTs have been able to generate profits by selling their art as NFT or reselling popular NFTs.

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What does NGMI stand for?

The meaning of the NGMI acronym “not going to make it” is used in the crypto community to express their skepticism towards the decisions of investors regarding any NFT projects, tokens, or meme coins and to sarcastically target individuals based on their choice of investing in social media like Twitter.

What does NGMI mean in NFT?

NGMI in NFTs is the term used by people to often call out someone that this NFT project will not be going to make it in the future and you are wasting your money here.

What does NGMI mean in Discord?

NGMI on Discord often criticizes the decision of an individual over a project, token, or NFT. People call you out for making a bad decision which can lead to a severe loss of funds. 

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