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Video guide on Buying Bitcoin with Credit Card

Dear customers and visitors, We would like to share our video guide on Buying Bitcoin with Credit Card. Buying Bitcoin with Paybis is easy as ABC - only a few steps needed. We want to remind you that if you have any questions, you can always contact our Live Support team via chat or email: [email protected] Also, make sure to visit our FAQ and Support Portal - some answers to your questions are already there. Kind Regards, Paybis Team. (read more)

Added support for Bitcoin SegWit addresses

Dear customers, We are happy to announce that we have added support for Bitcoin SegWit Wallet addresses. A usual (Legacy) Bitcoin Wallet address starts with “1” or "3", whereas SegWit addresses starts with “bc1”. There is not much difference which wallet you have, Legacy or SegWit, but it is expected that transaction fees in the Bitcoin Blockchain will be lower for SegWit addresses. Nevertheless, both Legacy and SegWit addresses exist in the same Bitcoin blockchain and no matter which address you have, you will still be able to purchase Bitcoin (BTC) on our website. Additional ... (read more)

Bank Transfers Changes & commission slashed by 50%

Dear Paybis visitors and customers,   We are happy to announce that Bank transfers are no longer exclusive for European customers as we have added Bank Transfers in USD and RUB currencies! Moreover, we have reworked our verification requirements for Bank transfers and it is now much easier to get your account verified. Also, we have slashed Bank Transfer commissions by 50%! You can now buy cryptocurrencies paying only 1.5% commission – cheaper than ever! Paybis will always strive to provide the easiest and most convenient service to its customers! Remember that ... (read more)

Skrill and Neteller available now

Dear Paybis visitors and customers,   We are happy to announce that the range of available payment methods on our website continues to increase as we have added Skrill and Neteller.   It is now possible to purchase Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), BitcoinCash (BCH) and Ripple (XRP) using Skrill and Neteller. Also, you can exchange your Skril and Neteller funds to any other digital currency available on our website or sell your Bitcoins and receive Skrill or Neteller in exchange.   Skrill and Neteller are instant payment systems that are available ... (read more)

Buy XRP with Debit or Credit Card

Dear Paybis Customers and Crypto community, We are happy to announce that we have just added Ripple's digital asset XRP to our list of supported cryptocurrencies. You can now buy XRP with debit or credit card as well as use other online currencies to make the purchase. All transactions are handled automatically. XRP is one of the biggest cryptocurrencies in the world, right behind Bitcoin and Ethereum and actively developed by Ripple company.  So now you can purchase XRP on and take advantage of our features: World leading limits: you can purchase up to 20000 ... (read more)

Happy Independence Day, America!

Dear customers, On this special day, PayBis team would like to congratulate our clients from the United States of America with Independence Day! To everyone celebrating we wish success, prosperity and continuity of freedom! We hope this day brings a lot of joy and happiness to all of you! Best regards, PayBis team.   (read more)

Beware of Clipboard Hijacker Malware

Dear customers, We want to warn everyone that the latest news report that a new Clipboard Hijacker Malware monitors more than 2million Bitcoin addresses. This means that when you copy/paste a Bitcoin address, this malware can swap your copied address to the Bitcoin address of the malware creator. Therefore, we highly encourage everyone to always double-check the address that you copy and keep your anti-virus up to date. More information about Clipboard Hijacker Malware is available here. Best Regards, PayBis team. (read more)

Beware of Airbnb Bitcoin scam

Dear customers, Please beware of a scam scheme that involves property rental and Bitcoin. There is a group of people who pose to be Airbnb representatives and are asking to make payments in Bitcoin. They created a phishing website that looks very similar to Airbnb’s website.   However, Airbnb does not accept payments in Bitcoin for property rental. We highly encourage everyone to be very cautious when paying for a service or product with Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency. Such transactions are irreversible. If you have any questions, please do ... (read more)

Delays in ETH transactions

Dear Customer, Ethereum blockchain has a big number of unconfirmed transactions, as result, there is a delay from our side publishing new transactions to the network.  Problem is being addressed, therefore please expect some delays in ETH confirmations.  Regards, Paybis Support (read more)

Banking fee's reduced for SEPA (EUR) Bank Transfers

Dear Paybis Customers, We are glad to announce that after changing banking partner we have been able to reduce the Bank Transfers fees from 5 EUR to 1 EUR for receiving bank transfers from our clients and from 9EUR to 1EUR for sending Bank transfers, so now any bank transfer would cost just 1EUR. Additionally, we have reduced Paybis Bank Transfer transaction fees from 4% to 3% for all cryptocurrency related transactions. We would like to remind you that our most competitive features for bank transfers are: Quick verification (usually it takes 30 mins to complete KYC on Paybis, ... (read more)

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