Credit Cards are back

Happy to announce that we are accepting Credit Card payment for Bitcoin! You are welcome to Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card! (read more)

Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card - Policy change

Hi All, Our Credit Card processing partner have changed policy.  Now ID verification will be required for any transaction, regardless of amount. Therefore if you a new customer then we would require a Valid ID document to uploaded during verificaiton processes.  This is needed first of all for your Safetny, to ensure that you are a valid owner of the credit card.  Please note, usually ID verification happens within 15 minutes. If document quality is not good enough is document is not support, then verificaiton might take up to 24h. Thanks for understanding Regards, PayBis ... (read more)

Restricted USA States

Dear USA Clients, Would like to inform that we will no longer be able to provide our services to Residents of the following States: New York New Hampshire Georgia Connecticut New Mexico Washington Hawaii As soon as necessary permissions will be obtained we will resume our services in respective states.  We are sorry for any inconveniences this may have caused. Kind Regards, Yours Paybis team (read more)

We welcome our new CTO!

We are extremely excited to welcome Yuri Pimenov as our new CTO! Yuri will take responsibility for our full technology stack with objective to bring Paybis to the next level in order to support our fast growing user base and product offerings. We are sure Yuri has a right fit both from past CTO experiences and from sharing our passion for emerging Blockchain technologies. This looks to be a great journey for us ahead! (read more)

Buy BitCoin with Credit/Debit Cards - NO ID Required up to 150$

Hello Folks! We just launched Beta testing of our Credit/Debit Card service. You dont need any ID for purchases up to 150 EUR,GBP, USD, AUD. Just sign up, fill in info for Credit Card Level1 verification and continue! Please help us to understand if process is clear and understandable for you. Any feedback from your side would be highly apreciated!  Cheerz! Please  (read more)

Working time during New Year Holidays

Dear Visitors! We would like to notify you that during New Year Eve and next days (31 December - 1 January) our support time will be limited, therefore your transactions/verifications will be processed with delays. Hope for your understanding and we wish a Happy 2017 New Year!  (read more)

Special Offer: Bitcoin -> Money Gram, 1% fee!

Hello Folks! Special offer for 30-31 December, exchange your Bitcoin to Money Gram tranfer for 1% fee (instead of 5%). Happy New Year! (read more)

Paybis Banners

Great News! Paybis Banners are now available under Marketing Materials in our Referral Program. Sign in and explore various designs and sizes. Use them to earn more comissions together with us! p.s. As a reminder on how to Start click on Referral Program link click on Send Invitation Button check your email for Credentials (Login and Pass) use the credentails to login to your personal account at after logging in you will see your referal link in Manage Account Page that looks like this: you are all set! If you wish to use our banners, they are available here.  In case of questions, do not hesitate ... (read more)

Buy BTC with USA Gift Cards!

Good news everyone! We are happy to announce that after a number of requests we are going to accept Gift Cards from now on (USA only). Buying Bitcoins has never been this easy for our customers. At the moment we accept Best Buy, Walmart, Staples, Home Depot, Ebay and Target gift cards. Please make sure to save the card and your cash receipt, those are going to be needed for the transaction. If you are interested in buying Bitcoins with us using a gift card you don't currently see on our website - please talk to our agent in live chat or ... (read more) code exchange introduced

Hi, We are happy to announce that we started offering exchange of codes. Now you can exchange your BTC-e codes for PayPal, Perfect Money, Okpay, Money Gram and Western Union cash transfers. Also you can purchase BTC-e codes with same payment methods as stated above plus USA Gift Cards (Wallmart, Target, etc.) Looking forward to see you on our site! Regards, Yours, Paybis Team (read more)

PayPal->BTC, fees decreased!

Hello, Great News! We have reduced comission for PayPal payments by 2%. Please don't forget that before making any payments via PayPal you would have to complete Identity and PayPal Verification, this is precaution measure to ensure that you are owner of paypal and authorize the payment. Looking forward to see you! Br, Paybis Team (read more)

You can get Callcoin codes now!

Hello Dear Paybis and Callcoin community! We are happy to announce partnership with Callcoin team:  Callcoin is an interactive service which allows making international calls with a great quality at a very low price using the popular messenger – Telegram. Since that moment you may instantly buy Callcoin codes to top up the balance. The process of purchasing code: Choose the payment method: PayPal Perfect Money Payeer Payza Advanced Cash Web Money Paysera OkPay European Bank Transfer (SEPA) Money Gram Enter the amount you want to buy (for example 5 EUR) Start the transaction and follow payment instructions.  After the payment is completed ... (read more)

Promotion: Cashout Bitcoin into your PayPal Account

If you wish to Cashout your BitCoins, we are here for you! Send us BitCoin and we send you funds to your PayPal account as to our friend! Start a transaction here: p.s. we have reduced the fee to 1%   (read more)

FAQ on USA Gift Card Sale

If you are selling a Gift Card for the first time on our website, please be aware that your transaction will be put on hold while we are processing it. The processing time will take up to 24 hours if the card's balance is <100$ or up to 48 hours if the card's balance is 101$-300$.  However, we will reconsider the waiting time with each subsequent transaction. For all cards we require phisical card picture and cash receipt, no exceptions made.  Please note, in very rare cases the processing time could be longer then 48h, but you will be informed about that ... (read more)

Facebook login is temporary disabled

Due to technical issues Facebook Login is currently disabled. If you have logged in via facebook before you still can login using the password that you recived during Sign Up to your email, or reset password specifying email you are using for facebook. We are sorry for the inconveniances this have caused and are working to bring back the Facebook Login asap! (read more)

We are Hiring - Customer Support Representative

We are looking for a person to join our Customer Support Team. If you love talking to the customers, help them, solve problems, have good english skills, blind typing and not afraid of multi tasking please see our job offer: (read more)

We are Hiring - PHP Developer

Interested in Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies and development of payment processing applications? We are looking for ambitious developers to join our agile team and unique projects (PHP, Redis, MySQL, Node.js, Javascript, HTML5, Bootstrap, jQuery, Git, Blockchain). (read more)

New Payment methods

Hi We are glad to announce that starting from today we are working with new digital payment systems: Yandex Money - Qiwi - AdCash - Looking forward for your orders! (read more)

PayPal is temporary not available

Day PayBis users, PayPal payment method is temporary not available for exchange. We apologize for any inconveniance this may cause. Stay tuned for news on PayPal! (read more)

Bug Bounty Programm - In Action

Today 4 different Security Researchers have submitted in total of 11 various reports! This is great news! Our dev team will analyze all of them and this will definetly help us ensure is a very secure place for our customers! Detailed results will will be posted soon! (read more)

Working hours during holidays

Dear Customers, our Online support will be on holidays during 24-26 Dec and from 30 Dec to 1st Jan. You can still place orders and send us offline messages, but please expect slower response times! Thanks for understanding and we wish you Merry X-Mas and Happy New Years! (read more)

Automatic vs Manual Exchange

Main differences between Automatic and Manual exchanges are the following: - Automatic Exchange is executed without PayBis personal involvement.  1) Create an Order, 2) Send Payment (see instructions in My Dashboard after order is created) 3) Mark as Paid 4) Payouts are performed automatically by our system, after succesfully confirmation of recieved funds. It might take up to several hours to get PayOut due to our security features and double confirmations of payment.  - Manual Exchange is executed with PayBis operator. Order is completed within 0-3h from submission, during our Working Times.  1) Create an Order,  2) Send Payment (see instructions in My ... (read more)

PayPal is working again

Hi, We are happy to inform that PayPal is working again.  We have also changed the process a bit based on PayPal requirements to have a signed paper for each deal. Now before paying with PayPal you will have to upload a printed and filled in paper (or handwritten in case no printer), after we approve it, your payment will be processed automatically.  This will delay a bit the payment processing time, but in order to be able to provide PayPal service to you guys we had to comply to PayPal requirements!  Thanks for understanding and in case of any questions, our friendly support ... (read more)

Issues with outgoing emails - Resolved

Update: Emails problems have been resolved. Hi All, We are experiencing some troubles with outgoing emails. The following type of emails are not being currently sent out: - Order Completion email. Please check status of your orders in "My Dashboard" view.  - Account Verification Approval/Rejection emails.Please check status of your Verification Requests in Account Verification view.  We are sorry for the inconveniences and working on troubleshooting the problem.   (read more)

PayPal temporary off

Hi We would like to inform that our paypal service is temporary switched off due to regular PayPal review, we hope it will be available in the middle of the next week.  We apologize for any inconveniences caused. Truly yours, PayBis Team! (read more)

PayPal is Back

We are glad to announce that we've resumed accepting of PayPal payments. You will have to go through Identity Verification and PayPal Verificaiton, please check requirements in Account Verification section of our website.  In case of questions, do not hesitate to contact our support! (read more)

Problem with Registration - Resolved

Dear Users, We have had a temporary problem with registration on our website, now it has been resolved. (read more)

Now you can buy BitCoins here!

We are happy to announce that now You can Buy BitCoins on our site and pay with several payment systems (Paxum, Perfect Money, Okpay).   Purchasing is fully Automated and happens without Operators effort. After BTC Purchase Order is paid BitCoins are being Purchased for you based on the BTC Price that was fixed in the order.   Example: Paxum->BitCoins a) On Home Page select Paxum->BitCoin exchange. Enter desired amount in "You Spend" or "Your Recieve" fields. Please note that BTC price changes in realtime, thus amount in "You Spend" or "Your Recieve" fields might slightly change every several seconds.   b) Paste ... (read more)

PayPal - Coming soon

Would like to inform that we will resume accepting PayPal soon. At the moment this service is suspended.  (read more)

Technical issues - Resolved!

Update: All technical issues has been resolved, our website is back fully operational.   (read more)

Jivochat - great way to connect with us

Dear Users,   We would like to share our experience using JivoChat  online chat tool. When we launched the site initially the only communication we have provided was thru emails, skype, icq, jabber and few others. But people use various messengers and it's difficult to get the right one. Especially if you are on the move or dont use own PC.  Therefore we have decided to introduce Online Chat possibiltiy that would work from the Browser for our customers. After checking for solutions on the market we picked JivoChat mainly due to it's 14 Days free trial and easy ... (read more)

Technical Problems with Emails - Resolved!

Update: Problem resolved today around 13:00 EEST (GMT+3) Dear PayBis Users,   We are experienced delays in Outgoing Emails from our system. Technical support is working on this outage and we plan to resolve this by end of the day today. Example of issues you may experience: Problem: You have registered and did not get activtion email. Solution: Please contact our support to get this done manually. Problem: You have placed Orders but did not get any email Confirmation. Solution: You can see status of all your orders in My Dashboard.  Problem: You have submitted Verification Documents but did not get any email from us with ... (read more)

Working Times

Dear Customers, Please pay attention, our working time is 10:00-20:00 EEST (GMT+3) timezone during working days. Our average response times are the following - average response time to online chats is ~15 seconds. - average response to Account verification reuqests is ~30 mins. - average response to exchange order is ~30 mins.  - On weekends we are online in ad-hoc manner, therefore please expect lower processing speed and longer response times.  - All submitted Account Verification requests and Exchange Orders are currently reviewed and processed by operators.  - Carefully read all information provided to you on website while performing actions and ... (read more)

We Have introduced Automatic Transactions

Hi All, It's been a while since our last updates! We have been working hard to get new features out! We are happy to announce that we have started to accept automatic payments from: - Paxum, Okpay, Perfect Money, Web Money and BITCOINS!  This Means you can login and make payment directly via your account as we have integrated with above mentioned payment systems and platforms.   Additionally we are now able to make automatic payouts to the following systems: - Paxum, Okpay, Perfect Money! - Web Money and Bitcoins are coming out soon!   This way you can place your Exchange Request in Automatic Transaction section and they will ... (read more)

Automatic PayPal Payments!

Hello, We are happy to announce that we start accepting automatic PayPal payments via "Pay with PayPal" Integration.  Now you are able to place your order and pay immediatly with your PayPal account. Our operators will review your order and make payouts from the corresponding payment provider that you've selected in your order (Perfect Money, Okpay or Wire Transfer) Soon we will be able to accept automatic payments in similar way for other systems.  Kind Regards, Your, Team (read more)

Skype scammers banned

Hi,   After contacing with Skype Support we have managed to suspend fake skype accounts with help from Skype fraud prevention team.   All, Please be carefull out there! We will never ask you to send us money via skype or other messenger services without an order on If you are not sure or suspect something please email us or contact our support agend via Online Chat, better to doublecheck than fall in hands of scam.   We wish you safe financial transactions over the internet!   Kind Regards, Your PayBis Team Contact us via (read more)

Warning - Skype Scammers use our identity for fraudulent activities

Dear All, We would like to raise a Warning Flag!   There has been several Fake Skype accounts created, that pretend to be persons working for our company and offering fake services to our customers. As result customers send them money to specific fake accounts (e.g. and do not get anything in return!  Please check carefully skype id and compare to skype id's specified on our website. If you are unsure, safest way is to contact our customer support via built in Online Chat and verify that person to whom you are talking on skype is valid representative. So far, there has been ... (read more)

E-currency exchange

During last years electronic or virtual currencies have rapidly grown and steadiliy developed, as result people start to trust and use them more than bank cards or real cash. Benefits are obvious: all operations and finansial transactions can be done from home or office, being at your PC or Mobile Device, being in control of your accounts balance, make payments and purchase goods and services from another side of the planet, giving away much less in fees comparing to local banks who are still on mainframes and 40 years old technologies.  Currently there are so many available electronic currencies that listing ... (read more)

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