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How to Buy Stellar Lumens with Credit Card or Debit Card

Buy XLM at Paybis: Here is How

Let us outline how to purchase Stellar Lumens at Paybis, the process couldn’t be any easier: 

  • Create an account & get verified
  • Choose the payment method you want to buy XLM with
  • Enter your wallet address
  • Complete the payment

Not sure which payment method to choose? We got you - swipe right!

Why Buy Stellar Lumens with Credit Card?

Paybis allows its customer to buy Stellar Lumens in three different ways. An all-time favorite is to buy Stellar Lumens with credit card or debit card, here is why:

  • Quick processing: complete your first transaction in under 10 minutes. Buy Stellar Lumens with credit card instantly already next time!
  • Security: credit cards are not only quick but also much more secure than some other methods.
  • Convenience: chances are you always have your wallet nearby. So why not buy Stellar Lumens with credit card of yours? 

Don’t want to buy Stellar Lumens with a card? No worries - swipe right to discover other methods available!

Best Ways to Purchase XLM

Even though it is possible to buy Stellar Lumens with credit card instantly, some people are looking for alternatives. If you are one of such people - keep reading! 

Here is what we offer here at Paybis:

  • Skrill and Neteller - e-money services & simply a great alternative to buying Stellar with a card
  • Bank Transfer - may take a couple of days depending on your bank, but is much cheaper compared to buying XLM with a card.

Is there a way to buy Stellar Lumens instantly?

After you buy Stellar Lumens with debit card or credit card, you will see that you purchase took around 10 min. And this is already top-notch speed compared to some other exchanges.

But we wanted to take it one step further and allow you to buy Stellar Lumens with credit card instantly - literally. Click an option to save your card for future purchases the first time you buy XLM with credit card with us. That’s it - the next time you decide to purchase XLM, we will just ask you for your CVV. 

Why use Paybis to buy Stellar Lumens

With dozens of exchanges out there offering you to buy Stellar Lumens, Paybis truly stands out. Here are top 3 things valued by our customers:

  • Transparent fee structure - shall you decide to buy Stellar Lumens or any other crypto, you know exactly what you are paying for.
  • High security standards - we are registered with the FCA in the UK, compliant with PCI DSS norms, and follow international AML/KYC regulations.
  • First transaction - no fee! Just cover the XLM network and card processing commission.

XLM Wallets: Our Top Pick

As you probably know, Paybis is all about security and transparency - we don’t want to hold your coins and are ready to send them to the wallet of your choice!

Therefore, in order to buy Stellar Lumens with debit card or credit card, you will need an XLM wallet. We recommend Solar.

Create the wallet and enter its address - so that you are able to buy Stellar Lumens instantly to this wallet!