BNB wallet

As we strive to improve Paybis, we're proud to announce our next milestone: our own Binance Coin wallet! Very soon, you'll be able to get a free BNB wallet right from your Paybis profile!

Features of our Binance Coin wallet

  • No limits on your crypto — get a full-fledged online BNB wallet;

  • Easy to use — perfect if you're just starting out;

  • No hidden costs — we don't charge any maintenance or withdrawal fees;

  • Rock-solid technology — stay secure with the safest Binance Coin wallet;

  • Seamless integration — works great with the Paybis exchange;

  • Constantly updated — we aim to make it the best online Binance Coin wallet!

What is BNB wallet and why do you need one

So what is a Binance Coin wallet, exactly? 

Simply put, it's a service, app, or device where you store and manage your crypto. When you buy BNB at Paybis, we transfer it to your own BNB wallet, so you need one to use our exchange.

There are plenty of wallets to choose from, and, indeed, you are welcome to use any wallet you prefer at our exchange. The main thing to remember is this: the underlying principle always remains the same. An online Binance Coin wallet does the exact same thing as a hardware device, so feel free to pick a wallet that suits you best.

How to pick the right wallet for you

Given that all crypto wallets work the same, how do you pick the best Binance Coin wallet? Consider what you need:

  • Safety must always be your top priority. Whoever can access your wallet can access your crypto, so get a secure Binance Coin wallet;

  • Make sure you can always access your wallet, though! Without it, you cannot access your crypto;

  • If you choose an online Binance Coin wallet, make sure you're in full control of your crypto. Some online wallets may charge additional fees or restrict withdrawals;

  • Ultimately, the best wallet for Binance Coin is the one that works for you, so keep convenience and ease-of-use in mind.

We've kept all these things in mind when creating our BNB wallet.

An integral part of Paybis

Our Binance Coin wallet works great with the rest of our exchange!

You can get a free Binance Coin wallet right from your own Paybis profile: there's no need for a separate login. Our powerful tools allow you to track the latest crypto prices with ease. And, when you see a great deal, you can get your crypto in a few clicks; we will transfer it right to your Binance Coin wallet.

At the same time, you're always free to use your crypto in any way you want. We don't lock your crypto on our platform, and you're always in control.

Building the best Binance Coin wallet

Now you know what is a Binance Coin wallet, why you need one, and what makes our wallet special.

Is this the best BNB wallet? We've been working hard to make sure the answer is yes. You are always free to use any wallet at Paybis. Still, if you like the Paybis exchange, we're sure you'll love our wallet.

Sounds good? We're working hard to make this happen very soon! Meanwhile, make sure you open a Paybis profile — and get ready for action.

Frequently asked questions

How do I add crypto to my Binance Coin wallet?

If you're just starting out, Paybis is your one-stop shop for all things crypto. You can open an account, a wallet, and buy your crypto with your credit card all in one place — we will transfer it to your Binance Coin wallet automatically.

You can also transfer your crypto from another wallet.

What are the Binance Coin wallet transaction fees?

When conducting a crypto transaction, you'll need to pay what's known as a blockchain or mining fee. This is charged in Binance Coin and goes directly to miners who process your transaction; Paybis does not charge it.

Other than that, we do not charge any other commission, such as maintenance or withdrawal fees.

What is the best wallet for Binance Coin?

Remember that all crypto wallets work the same; the only difference is the user experience. The best Binance Coin wallet is the one that suits you best. Just make sure it is safe and accessible!

How do I use my Binance Coin wallet?

The Paybis Binance Coin wallet is integrated right in the Paybis exchange; you don't need to install anything or sign up at some other site. You can access it from your Paybis profile and use it as any other BNB wallet. Moreover, you can top it up right here at the Paybis exchange!

When will the Binance Coin wallet be available?

We hope we have your interest and you can't wait to get started with your BNB wallet! The good news is that you won't have to wait long; it is almost here, and we're just making sure it's perfect from the very start. Meanwhile, get a Paybis account if you don't already have one — you'll be ready to use your Paybis wallet as soon as it launches!