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Buy, Sell, Store, Send, Receive, Swap crypto in a highly secure, cheap and easy way.

Solving real pain points

For Businesses and Institutions

Complex and hard to use user interface preventing you from conducting efficient business?
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Paybis's simple and intuitive design allows you to efficiently buy, sell and manage your crypto!

Low-quality, slow support?
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Paybis offers you a dedicated account manager who is available 24/7!

Slow onboarding and compliance team response time?
3 — 6

With Paybis automated onboarding and compliance we are able to cut the resolution time by 70%

Do limitations and restrictions on other platforms prevent you from doing efficient business?
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With Paybis Your crypto funds are instantly available for withdrawal!

Is your country or region not supported elsewhere?
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Paybis is able to offer its services in 141 countries!

Are you offered a basic security for your crypto funds?
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Paybis can offer an additional layer of security to protect your funds from unauthorized access while keeping the benefits of a simple custodial on-chain wallet!

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For Businesses and Institutions


24/7 customer and technical support

Local payment rails in 25 fiat currencies with NO FX charge!

Whether you buy or sell - transact in your local currency for a very low fee

Industry-leading security

You will be able to set authorization policies, protecting your corporate wallet even in the event of a hack or unauthorized access.

Fully Automated

You can transact at any time of day or week

Security at it’s best

Security is not just a word for us. Built on the MPC technology our solution provides one of the best security in the world.

Private Key

Paybis does not store the whole your Private Key. Its being split between several parties.


Your Private key can't be compromised. There is not a single moment when a fraudster can hijack the Key.


The backup of the Key is being stored in the underground facility with no internet. It can't be retrieved with strict 3 layer procedure.

Paybis is the best platform to utilize crypto in your business operations!

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