USDT wallet

We're happy to announce our latest addition that will make Paybis even easier to use: our own USDT wallet! Very soon, you'll be able to manage your crypto right from your own Paybis account!

Features of our Tether wallet

  • Safety first — stay secure with the safest Tether wallet;

  • Fast and simple — get started in just a few clicks;

  • No restrictions — get a full featured online Tether wallet;

  • Seamless integration — works great with the Paybis exchange; 

  • Completely free — no withdrawal or maintenance fees;

  • Always available — if needed, you can restore your USDT wallet with ease.

What is USDT wallet and why use it

First, let's take a closer look at what is a Tether wallet.

A crypto wallet is a unique identifier used to access, store, and manage your crypto. There are several kinds of crypto wallets, such as online services, computer or smartphone apps, or even hardware devices. The underlying principle, however, remains the same: a free USDT wallet works exactly the same as a dedicated hardware wallet.

At Paybis, you can use any USDT wallet you want. Still, if you're looking for a reliable online Tether wallet — our wallet is worth a closer look.

Choosing your wallet

What should you keep in mind when choosing the best wallet for USDT? Here are some things to consider.

  • Security always comes first. Whoever has access to your wallet has access to your crypto, so make sure you know and trust your wallet provider;

  • There's a flipside: if you cannot access your wallet, you cannot access your crypto. When picking an online USDT wallet, make sure you can restore it if needed;

  • Look out for hidden charges. Some providers may offer a free Tether wallet but charge withdrawal fees. This means you're not fully in charge of your crypto;

  • If you already have a favorite crypto exchange, you may consider getting a wallet at the same place — of course, keeping all the other things in mind.

We kept all these things in mind when making our wallet, so check it out. It may well be the best Tether wallet for you!

Seamless integration

Our own wallet fits the Paybis exchange perfectly! You can get a free Tether wallet right from your Paybis account, and accessing your crypto is as easy as logging in. When you buy crypto, just select the Paybis wallet in the wallet selection step. We'll transfer your crypto to your Tether wallet as soon as the payment clears!

And here's the best part: we don't lock your crypto on our platform. We aim to build the best Tether wallet, but, if you prefer any other wallet, you're always welcome to use it. We won't charge any withdrawal fees, and you're always in full control of your crypto. 

The best Tether wallet for you

We hope this explains what is Tether wallet, why you need one and what's so special about our own wallet. You may be wondering — is this the best wallet for USDT?

The first law of crypto still applies: do your own research. After all, the best USDT wallet is the one that works for you.

So, if you're looking for a simple, accessible, and secure Tether wallet — this might be the one! Open a Paybis account today to make sure you don't miss it!

Frequently asked questions

What Tether wallet transaction fees do you charge?

We don't charge anything for using our Tether wallet: you can open and use one completely free. You only need to cover standard blockchain transaction fees, which are outside of our control.

How do I use the USDT wallet?

To use the Paybis wallet, you first need to open a Paybis account. This is a simple process that takes just a few minutes. Once the wallets are up and running, you'll be able to access them right from your account.

What is the best Tether wallet?

This depends on your needs and preferences. Keep in mind that all wallets work the same: what's different is the user experience they provide.

Keeping this in mind, we aim to make the best online USDT wallet for people who value simplicity and ease-of-use, but don't want to sacrifice safety.

How do I add crypto to my Tether wallet?

As Paybis is a fiat-to-crypto exchange, you can buy some USDT on this very site and choose to send it to your Tether wallet. Your crypto will be transferred automatically once your payment clears.

You can also use your Tether wallet's public address to add funds from external wallets.

When can I get my Tether wallet?

Rest assured that we're working very hard to bring you the Paybis Tether wallet as soon as possible! Meanwhile, open a Paybis account to make sure you don't miss the big announcement and be ready for action!