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What is Tether wallet and why use it

First, let's find out what is a Tether wallet.

A crypto wallet is a unique identifier used to access, store, and manage your crypto. There are several kinds of crypto wallets, but the underlying principle remains the same. 

Every Tether wallet has a unique public address used to receive your crypto and a private key used to access your crypto. The public address can be freely shared, but the private key must be stored safely.

The Paybis wallet is a free online Tether wallet that you can open and access right from your Paybis profile. It is a fully featured USDT wallet without any maintenance or withdrawal fees, except for the standard blockchain network fees.

Before making a decision, we recommend you familiarize yourself with our article outlining key risks associated with custodial wallets and how Paybis ensures its customers are getting a secure Tether wallet

How to create a Tether wallet

The Paybis Wallet has been developed with a focus on being user-friendly, mirroring the qualities of our exchange. If this feature is important to you, this wallet might be a suitable choice for managing Tether. Acquiring one is a straightforward process.

  • Log onto your Paybis profile or open one if you don't have it already;

  • Click on the Wallets tab; on the top of the page or hit the “Open wallet” button;

  • Choose “Add wallet”, and you'll get your free Tether wallet in just a few seconds!

You can add wallets for other cryptos just as easily, and they'll all be accessible from your profile. 

Using your USDT wallet

Your Paybis wallet works just like any other USDT wallet. There are no additional commissions apart from the standard blockchain transaction fees, and you are always in full control of your crypto.

You can use our USDT wallet without needing to purchase cryptocurrency from us. Simply click on the "Deposit" button to view your public address. You can then use it to add USDT from any other wallet – or even get it at another exchange.

When purchasing cryptocurrencies through Paybis, users will notice that the wallet provided is seamlessly integrated with the exchange platform. The team at Paybis is dedicated to developing an effective fiat-to-crypto exchange, and aims to continually improve their wallet, particularly for handling USDT transactions.

So now you know what is a Tether wallet, how to get one and what makes our wallet special. Get yours in just a few clicks and start your crypto journey today!

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