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What is a Chainlink wallet

First things first: what is a Chainlink wallet and why would you need it?

Basically, Chainlink wallet is a way to identify you as the owner of your LINK tokens. It has a public address – any crypto sent to this address will appear in your LINK wallet. It also has a private key – this is used to access and spend your crypto.

Crypto wallets are decentralized: there isn't one central authority controlling them, so there's a wide variety of wallets to choose from. The main principle is always the same, and a dedicated hardware device works exactly the same as an online Chainlink wallet. Online, or custodial wallets, however, come with greater risks - so make sure you understand those.

So how do you pick a good wallet for LINK? Consider the things that are different: security and user experience. As a rule of thumb, the safest Chainlink wallet will be somewhat harder to use – and vice versa.

The Paybis Wallet for Chainlink combines the security with the convenience. We discuss in more details how we address custodial risks in this article. You can view your balances and acitvites on any blockchain explorer while having the option to access your assets by simply logging in to Paybis. Scroll back up to check out our safety features – then see how easy it is to get your free LINK wallet at Paybis!

Getting your Chainlink wallet

The only thing you need to get your free Chainlink wallet is a Paybis profile. 

Once you've logged in or signed up, there are three simple ways how you can get your Chainlink wallet:

  • Click on the Wallets tab and select Add wallet;

  • Hit the Open wallet button on this very page;

  • We'll create a LINK wallet as you proceed to checkout.

No matter which option you choose, your LINK wallet will be ready in a few clicks. 

Using your LINK wallet

We've learned what is a LINK wallet and how you get one – and using it is just as simple.

You can add some crypto to your new Chainlink wallet from an outside source – another wallet or even another crypto exchange.

What's more, our LINK wallet is integrated in our exchange. You don't have to enter your public address, and your crypto will appear in your wallet as soon as the payment clears.
Note, however, that you can't buy LINK at Paybis if you are from the UK.

Finally, you can always send your crypto to another wallet – there are absolutely no restrictions or withdrawal fees other than standard blockchain network fees.

Free, reliable, and secure – a wallet for LINK worth exploring. Why not see for yourself? Scroll back up to get your own Paybis wallet and see how simple crypto can be!

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