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What is a Shiba Inu wallet

One of the first questions for SHIB newcomers is “What is a Shiba Inu wallet and how do I get one?” Let's find out!

A Shiba Inu wallet is used to store, receive and spend your crypto – so you must have a SHIB wallet before you can buy some SHIB! There are all kinds of crypto wallets out there, and you can pick the one that suits you best.

At Paybis, we've made the best Shiba Inu wallet for beginners. In just a few clicks, you can get a free, accessible and secure Shiba Inu wallet. You don't need any special knowledge to use it, there are no apps to install, and you can top it up with ease at our own exchange.

Sounds good? Read on to see how you can get one!

The fastest way to a Shiba Inu wallet 

All you need to get a free Shiba Inu wallet is a Paybis account. If you have one, just log in – and, if you don't, click here to create one in just a few minutes.

Once you're logged in, there are three ways how you can get your SHIB wallet:

  • Click the “Wallets” tab and choose “Add wallet”;

  • Hit the “Open wallet” button on this page;

  • Just buy some SHIB and we'll create a wallet as you go along!

No matter what you choose, you'll have your free SHIB wallet ready in just a few clicks!

Getting the most out of your SHIB wallet

So you know what is a Shiba Inu wallet and how to get one. Now what?

You may begin by adding some SHIB to it. Remember: at Paybis, you're getting the simplest and safest Shiba Inu wallet absolutely free. This means you can choose to get your SHIB anywhere else and simply use our wallet to store it – no purchase necessary.

If you do, however, buy your SHIB from us, you'll find that your transaction is just as simple as opening this wallet. Moreover, your Shiba Inu wallet is perfectly integrated in the Paybis exchange: if you're using our exchange, this is the best wallet for SHIB!

And, if you decide to transfer your SHIB to another SHIB wallet, you can do so without any restrictions. At Paybis, you're always in full control of your crypto.

Sounds good? Scroll up, log in and begin your crypto journey!

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