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What is a Ripple Wallet

First things first: what is a Ripple wallet, exactly, and why do you need one?

Simply put, a Ripple wallet is a device, an app, or an online service used to receive, store, and manage your crypto. 

There's a wide variety of crypto wallets to choose from, but the underlying principle always remains the same. Any XRP wallet has a unique public address: this is used to receive crypto. It also has a secret private key used to access and manage your crypto. Your public address can be freely shared, but your private key must be kept safe: this ensures a secure Ripple wallet.

At Paybis, we offer an online Ripple wallet that is easy to use but does not cut any corners. It has full crypto wallet functionality, there are no restrictions and, of course, we've worked hard to make sure you're getting all you need from a Ripple wallet. Here's how you can get one.

Setting up a Ripple wallet

All you need to get a free Ripple wallet with us is a browser and a Paybis profile:

  • Log onto your Paybis profile or click here to create one;

  • Go to the “Wallets” tab or hit the “Open wallet” button;

  • Click “Add wallet” and get your free XRP wallet in seconds!

Now that you know what is a Ripple wallet and how to get one, let's see what you can do with it.

What you can do with your XRP wallet

As noted, a Ripple wallet is used to store your crypto – and indeed, when you open your Paybis XRP wallet, you immediately see how much crypto you have, along with a current estimate in fiat currency.

You can use your wallet's public address to receive crypto from other sources: hit the “Deposit” button to view it.

Alternatively, choose to get XRP in your Paybis Wallet by default when you checkout during the purchase process.

And, of course, you can also send your crypto to another wallet without any additional withdrawal charges, except for the standard blockchain network fees.

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