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How to Buy Tether (USDT) with Credit Card or Debit Card

Buy Tether in 4 Simple Steps

If you are still searching where to buy Tether - today’s your lucky day! Here at Paybis you can buy Tether in just 4 steps:

Step 1: Create an account & get verified

Step 2: Select your payment method & initiate a transaction

Step 3: Enter your wallet details

Step 4: Finalize your payment and receive your tokens

Swipe right to know more about payment options to buy Tether (USDT) instantly.

Best Ways to Purchase USDT in 2021

Even the most experienced investors wonder what is the best way to buy USDT. Below you will find the best practices of buying Tether. 

  • Our favorite option is to buy Tether (USDT) with credit card or debit card. Quick, secure and simple.
  • SEPA transfer - the cheapest option, but may take up to 3 business days.
  • Skrill and Neteller - e-money services allow you to experience the same transaction speed as when you buy Tether (USDT) with debit card or credit card.

How to buy Tether (USDT) with Debit Card

Great news - we accept both debit and credit cards, and the process to buy Tether with credit card is identical to the debit cards’. Here’s how you do it:

  • Select the relation to buy Tether (USDT) with debit card
  • Input your purchase sum - crypto or fiat
  • Enter your wallet address (ERC-20)
  • Enter your card details & wait for the confirmation!

Buy USDT in 30 seconds

Our goal is to make our clients 1 click away from their next crypto purchase. Which is why it is now possible to buy Tether (USDT) with debit card instantly!

Here is how to purchase Tether (USDT) instantly: when you buy Tether (USDT) with credit card for the first time, click “Save my card for future purchases”.

This would mean that the next time you will be able to buy Tether (USDT) with credit card instantly - we will just need your CVV. Enter it, and we will send your tokens in 30 seconds!

Why is Tether So Popular

With more and more people looking for ways to buy Tether (USDT) online with credit card, some start wondering “Why is it even popular and why should I buy Tether?”

Well, Tether is no regular token. With the market cap over $15b, we are looking at the third most popular crypto!

What is more, Tether is a stablecoin, meaning it is tied to the US dollar and less volatile than other crypto assets. Therefore, buying USDT may be a good option to store your funds with little to no volatility. 

Best Place to Buy Tether

There are dozens (if not hundreds) of exchanges offering to buy USDT. Here’s why Paybis stands out:

  • Zero hidden fees - you know what you’re paying for, no surprises!
  • 100% security - not only you are able to buy Tether (USDT) instantly, but also securely. We are registered with the FCA and compliant with the strictest AML & KYC regulations.
  • 24/7 support - our awesome team will be at your disposal shall you have any questions on how to buy Tether (USDT)

Why people trust Paybis

  • UK, EU, USA compliant
  • 7 years in the business
  • Transparent fee structure
  • Live 24/7 support
  • 10 crypto & 47 fiat currencies
  • Instant verification
  • Lightning-fast crypto settlements
  • 50+ dedicated professionals
  • $250,000,000 annual volume
  • Used by beginners and pros alike
  • Everything went extremely smooth and nothing went wrong in the slightest sending and processing of the Bitcoin to a someone is a walk in the park with little wait time

  • Simple, parfait

  • No comment. The transaction was completed in a timely manner.

  • Excellent experience...once the 1st transaction was securely approved, the next one was really quick. This is a great place to transact business if speed is what you need. Keep in mind that the fees may be higher as a result.

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Buy or Sell Cryptocurrency in Just a Few Minutes!

The best way to exchange crypto and e-money around the world.

A step-by-step guide to buying Cryptocurrency on Paybis

  1. Select the credit card as your patent method and enter the amount - in crypto or fiat value field.
  2. Copy and paste your wallet address - we will send your tokens there!
  3. The last step to buy USDT with credit card is to enter your card details. Fear not - Paybis is PCI DSS compliant which means that your credit card data is 100% safe!
  4. Allow the network around 10 minutes to confirm the transaction. When you pay with the same credit card next time, you will be able to buy Tether (USDT) instantly!

Buy or Sell Cryptocurrency in Just a Few Minutes!

The best way to exchange crypto and e-money around the world.