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How to Buy Ripple with Credit Card or Debit Card

3 Steps to Purchase XRP

Welcome to Paybis, your trusted resource for all your cryptocurrency and digital currency needs. Follow the steps below to buy XRP online in less than 15 minutes:

  • 1st Step: Make a Ripple wallet—we suggest Edge wallet.
  • 2nd Step: Start a transaction on Paybis and provide your wallet address.
  • 3rd Step: Pay with your card and receive your XRP.

In the following sections, we will explain the process to buy XRP with credit card or debit card in greater detail.

What is XRP and Why Should You Invest?

XRP is a token that fuels Ripple’s network, and is used to transfer value across its blockchain.
Here is why the coin is so popular:

  • Banking partnerships - Ripple has more than 200 major banking partnerships.
  • No mining - The XRP blockchain relies on POS consensus instead of POW.
  • Promising future - Ripple's XRP aims to provide major liquidity solutions for banks all over the world.

With all these benefits, XRP has rightfully become a popular investment option.

Why a bank card is the best way to buy XRP

Bank cards are the leading payment method for consumers worldwide. In simple terms, when using bank cards, purchasing and transferring your funds is a lot easier than using paper money or coins.

This evolution towards a “cashless” society has completely changed the way we look at money and banks. In addition to that, it is a great way to buy XRP instantly.

Where You Should Hold Ripple (XRP)

Before you obtain XRP, you will need a digital wallet. This will help you store your coins safely. So here are several options to choose from:

  • Mobile wallets - Easy use from your phone. We recommend using Edge wallet.
  • Hardware wallets - The best option for large sums of XRP. The most reliable choice is Ledger.
  • Online wallets - Access from anywhere.
  • Desktop wallets - Simple in its use with great design.

Going further, you will learn how to create your wallet.

Create a wallet before you buy XRP

If this is the first time you buy XRP, we recommend using a mobile wallet - it is the most convenient option. And here are the steps you need to follow to get started:

  • 1st Step: Visit this page:
  • 2nd Step: Install the app on your phone.
  • 3rd Step: Create a new XRP wallet in the app.
  • 4th Step: Copy your public address and destination tag.

You are now ready to buy XRP with debit card or credit card.

After you Buy Ripple with Debit Card

Once you buy XRP with credit card or debit card, here is what you can do with your coins:

  • Hold onto your coins and sell them at a profit later on.
  • Transfer XRP your loved ones, and show them how to buy & sell XRP instantly.
  • Trade XRP for other cryptocurrencies.

You now know more about XRP. To see how to place an order, scroll lower, to the "step-by-step" guide, or head back to the top to start a transaction.

Why people trust Paybis

  • UK, EU, USA compliant
  • 7 years in the business
  • Transparent fee structure
  • Live 24/7 support
  • 10 crypto & 47 fiat currencies
  • Instant verification
  • Lightning-fast crypto settlements
  • 50+ dedicated professionals
  • $250,000,000 annual volume
  • Used by beginners and pros alike
  • La transazione è stata relativamente semplice, ma le commissioni sono veramente troppo alte. Sono stato costretto ad utilizzare il servizio solo per i tempi di elaborazione veloci, ma credo che lo riutilizzerò solo in caso di estrema necessità.

  • Paybis is good, everything went through very quickly.

  • Приветствую всем. Я очень даже доволен работай сайта и обслужающего персонала. Персонал отвечает мгновенно и 24/7. Желаю Вам дальнейшего процветание и только вперёд за орденами. Спасибо всем!!!

  • Paybis é uma corretora confiável segura, são muito ágil na verificação de pedidos e compras. Eu aconselho apostar nela.

  • Der Diestleister hat seine volle dasberechtigung... Aus zum Teil Speziellen Produkten die Möglichkeit anzubieten kryptische Währeinheiten zu generieren ist ein grandiosgeiler Schit & hat mir nicht erst einmal aus einer fast verdummten Situation, doch noch Coins rauszuholen, ja einfach gesagt, ermöglicht...;-)... Herrlich umgesetzter Gedanke... ...grandioses System... ...🤩...🤓...🔐... ...ich feier dich, du grandiosgeiles PaybisBitchStück!

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Buy or Sell Cryptocurrency in Just a Few Minutes!

The best way to exchange crypto and e-money around the world.

A step-by-step guide to buying Cryptocurrency on Paybis

  1. To buy Ripple with credit card or debit card, go through the steps below: 
    • Enter the value of XRP you would like to purchase under the “You receive” field.
    • After that’s done, start the transaction to buy Ripple cryptocurrency.
  2. Register on Paybis and follow the steps as shown below:

    • Head over to the Paybis homepage
    • Select “Ripple(XRP)” from the column on the right 
    • In the left column, choose one of the supported payment methods
    • Type in how much Ripple (XRP) you want to purchase
    • Click on “START TRANSACTION”
  3. You will now need to enter the details of your XRP wallet. This step is important so that Paybis can deliver your coins. Moreover, in some cases, you will need to go through a KYC (know your customer) verification. To pass this without any issues, provide the following:

    • Your full name (written as seen on the account of your chosen payment method)
    • Your country of residence (pick your location from the drop-down menu)
    • Date of birth
    • A photo or scan of your legal document (ID, driver’s license or passport)  
    Note: Some payment methods require additional information to pass this process successfully.

    Once these steps are completed, enter the destination tag of your XRP wallet, click on the two checkboxes and then on “CONTINUE”.
  4. If this is your first time buying Ripple with a card, you will need to verify your account:

    • Enter your first, last name, and date of birth. Then, click on “Continue”.
    • Enter your address and click on “Continue” again.
    • Upload a picture of your ID document and click on “Submit”.
    At this point, you will need to be patient for a few minutes. Our system will review the information you have provided and let you are eligible to buy Ripple with credit card or debit card.
  5. You will now need to be patient as our system reviews the information you have provided. Within a few minutes, you will know if you are eligible to complete your Ripple purchase.

    • Once you successfully pass the verification process, click on “Continue to Checkout”.
    • If an unexpected delay occurs, check your inbox. Our security department will inform you if action on your part is needed.
  6. Less than 5 minutes after you click on “Submit”, our system will let you know if your verification has been successfully completed.

    • If you pass the verification process, you can enter your XRP wallet address and destination tag. Then you can proceed to the payment page and buy XRP with debit card or credit card.
    • If you do not manage to pass the verification on your first attempt, our system will show you which fields need to be fixed in order to try again. 
    • In case of doubt, reach out to our support team for further assistance.
  7. You will now be redirected to the payment page of your chosen payment method. Log into your account and confirm the payment.

    Note: If you select “Bank Transfer EUR (SEPA)” or “Bank Transfer USD (WIRE)” as your payment method, you will need to open a new tab manually, then visit your bank’s website and complete the payment.

  8. After you enter your wallet details, click on “Continue”. You will then be redirected to our payment processor’s secure gateway. Once there:

    • Fill in your name, address and birth date once again.
    • Verify your phone number and email address.
    • Fill in your credit/debit card information.
    • Click “Pay Now” to make a payment.
  9. Once we receive your payment, we will deliver your newly acquired XRP directly to your wallet.

  10. Once our system validates your card and you make a payment, you will successfully buy Ripple with debit card or credit card.

    • Please note, your payment might require a manual review, so monitor your email inbox for any additional verification emails.
    • If further questions remain, please contact our support team. We stand ready 24/7 to help you out with any issues that may arise.

Buy or Sell Cryptocurrency in Just a Few Minutes!

The best way to exchange crypto and e-money around the world.