Yes, Bitcoin to card transactions can transfer the funds to your Credit/Debit card instead of your bank account. Here are the steps you need to follow:

STEP 1: Sign in to your account. If you don’t yet have a Paybis account, please register.

STEP 2: Select “Bitcoin” in the left column and “Credit/Debit Card” in the right column.

STEP 3: Enter the amount of Bitcoin that you wish to convert and click on “START TRANSACTION”.

STEP 4: Tick the two boxes to indicate that you agree with our Terms and Conditions, AML policy and Dynamic Cryptocurrency estimates.

STEP 5: Click on “CONTINUE”.

STEP 6: You will now need to authorize your card. Click on “CONTINUE AUTHORIZATION” and provide the details of your card.

STEP 7: Once your card is reviewed and authorized, you can complete your payment. To do this, send your Bitcoin to the Paybis wallet address and wait for one confirmation on the blockchain.

Aside from our list of supported countries, you will need to check your card’s eligibility for this form of transaction. To do this, click on “please check this list” when asked to authorize your card (STEP 6).

When you sell your Bitcoin and choose to receive the funds on your Credit or Debit card, there are three different fees to keep in mind:​​​
  • The fee our bank charges to deliver the funds to your card.
  • Paybis fee (a fee that is taken for providing the service).
  • Bitcoin transaction fees (a fee that Bitcoin miners receive to confirm your transaction. This fee is charged to your wallet).
While the transaction process takes only a few minutes to complete, your bank’s processing times will determine when your funds are added to your account. Usually, this takes anywhere from 1 to 5 business days.


1. Register and verify your account.

2. Go to Exchange page and choose the type of currency you want to spend.

3. Choose the type of currency you want to receive.

4. Type in the money amount you want to spend.

5. Press the Continue button.

6. Fill in all essential information into the boxes marked with *.

7. Read and agree with Terms & Conditions and press button Continue.

8. Complete a payment using details provided in order description, those you can find in your Dashboard section.

9. Please wait while our operator checks your payment.

10. Check realtime status of your order over Dashboard.

A. You can verify your account following this page https://paybis.com/verification/, but you will have to sign up first.

Some of the following documents might be required during the verification process at Paybis.com

Identity Verification:
  • Government issued International Passport
  • Government issued Identity Card
  • Government issued Driving License
  • Selfie with Identity Document
Address Verification:
  • Utility bill or Bank Statement, not older than 3 month
  • Paper versions or electronic versions are allowed
  • No modifications are allowed to the documents
Additional Verification Documents:
  • Photo of Credit Card (in specific cases, only when making payment with your Debit/Credit Cards)
  • Selfie with Credit Card (in specific cases, only when making payment with your Debit/Credit Cards)
  • Photo with printed or handwritten declaration (in specific cases, for high amounts)

A. It all depends on the chosen type of exchange. Please contact our Support Agents for details.

A. To get full access for all types of currencies you’ll definitely need to verify your account. In some specific cases you can complete your exchange without verified account.

  • Visa/MasterCard credit/debit card is the fastest way to buy bitcoin on Paybis.com.
  • The first transaction usually takes up to 15 minutes, dependant on whether or not your KYC/Verification was automatically approved (correct personal details, good quality pictures of ID, not using TOR browsers, VPN’s or proxies).
  • Consequent transactions normally only take 5 minutes.
A. Yes, there are. For specific payment methods verification is required only starting from specific amounts.

You can find the complete list of requirements here: https://paybis.com/verification.

A. You’ll need to upload a few copies of specific documents to confirm your identity.

A. We accept scanned copy of passports and utility bills in good resolution. For further information please go here.

A. No, if you have already made a payment using the details provided in order description, then this order is considered as completed and can't be canceled.

A. According to our rules it is only possible if the payment hasn't been sent out within 48 hours after submitting an order with PayBis service.

A. Invent random symbol password and remember it. If you lose it you, can always recover the password via email. 

A. You can restore it using our Username reminder service.

  • For Visa/MasterCard credit/debit cards, limits are USD 20,000/50,000 per week/month.
  • For other digital wallet payments like Advanced Cash, Perfect Money and others, we allow up to USD/EUR 500,000 per week.
  • With Bank Transfers EUR/USD/RUB we allow up to USD 200,000 of purchases per week or equivalent in other currencies.

A. You can restore it using our Password recovery service.

A. Just as with banks and other financial institutions, PayBis follows anti-money laundering guidelines and regulations. At some point in your time with us we may need to ask your address or ID proof in order to process your payments. Should we need this, we will notify you during the payment process.

In order to verify your address, all documents should match the listed criteria: full, readable and clear copy of the documents clearly showing your address and the date in the case of a letter. Documents should not be older than 3 months. Documents must be in color at a high resolution (at least 150 dpi), all documents are to be issued in English (or Latin letters, otherwise a certificated translation should be provided), all documents must be standard full-sized page (uncropped).

1. Utility bill - gas, electricity, phone (please note that we can only accept landline and not mobile phone bills).

2. Bank or credit card statement (Must be a physical letter rather than an online statement).

3. Council tax or HMRC notification.

4. Other government or financial institution issued document.

A. The verification is conducted automatically by our security system.
If your document is not recognized by our security system, the verification will be rejected and another document will be requested.
  • For all payment methods that require KYC/Verification, you will have to submit your personal information, address, and upload verification documents.
  • Your personal info should match your ID Documents.
  • The document should be uploaded in good quality, all four corners of the document should be visible, all text should be readable, do not use flashlights or web cameras. Max document size should be 5MB.
  • There are a few methods available to buy Bitcoin without verification.
  • Amazon.com gift cards do not require verification.
  • The first levels of verification for Perfect Money and Advanced Cash and Payeer are granted automatically, thus you can make purchases of Bitcoin without verification up to specific amounts.
What will happen with the pictures of my documents after I send them to you? How will these pictures be used? Where do you store them and how can I be sure they won't be used to make me potential harm in future?

The photos that you upload are then shared with 3rd party partner for KYC/AML and Document verification checks.
We can’t disclose the company name for security reasons, but the company is a worldwide leader in this segment.

The documents are stored on a secure server without public access to the Internet for safety reasons, even you after uploading the documents do not have an access to them to ensure that in case your account at paybis.com had been compromised, nobody would be able to get access to your personal information.

We are operating under European Union Data Protection Laws and are regulated by http://www.dvi.gov.lv/en/ with registration number #004344, we are also licensed as MSB in the United States of America and are bound by the United States Privacy Act.
A. The verification process is usually conducted within 15 minutes, but in some cases it can take up to 24 hours.
A. We cannot disclose the exact list of accepted document due to security reasons.
As practice shows, International Passports are accepted in ~95% of the cases from any country.
You may contact our support agents in order to get advise about a particular country or document.
A. Our Company is registered in UK with offices in London (UK) and Riga (Latvia).
  • Unfortunately not. Despite the fact that Bitcoin Cash itself is called anonymous cryptocurrency we ask our customers to identify themselves in order to comply with international AML requirements.
  • All countries are supported except the ones specified here.
  • Top 10 supported countries: United States, Germany, Canada, Russia, Ukraine, United Kingdom, India, Belarus, Australia, France.
Yes, there are 3 types of fees:
  • Receiving Payment Method fee (a fee that the Payment Service takes from Paybis for processing your payment)
  • Paybis fee (our fee that is taken for providing the service – our revenue)
  • Sending Payment Method fee (a fee that Paybis pays for sending funds to you)
  • Usually about 5-30 minutes with a Credit/Debit Card; however, it depends on the specific payment method. For example, a bank transfer takes 1-5 business days.
  • Please also keep in mind that there could be delays in the Bitcoin network, which can cause longer confirmation times.
  • Yes, by using your debit or credit card. The process usually takes 5-30 minutes if done correctly from the first attempt (most people don’t find this difficult).
  • During the transaction, you will be required to specify a Bitcoin wallet address that you own. It is not allowed to specify any third party wallet address.
  • Limits depend on the payment method used. For example, for credit cards, the limits are 20,000 per day and 50,000 per month in EUR/USD/GBP.
  • We are very serious about taking care of your privacy, please read our privacy policy.
  • For certain payment methods we require our clients to go through the KYC (know your customer) process.
  • The verification process is straightforward. You simply need to upload your Government ID (Passport, ID Card or Driving License) in good quality to ensure that our automated system can process and approve it within 5 minutes
  • Paybis have an excellent reputation, which is proven by our client feedbacks. We are rated at 9.3 on Trustpilot, an independent and externally-audited review platform.
  • Yes, as long as it has the Visa or MasterCard logo on it, and it allows international payments.

While we are not able to give financial advice or impose our opinion, we do believe that Bitcoin Cash is a good investment due to the following facts:

  • Bitcoin Cash is currently listed in the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization.
  • Bitcoin Cash has a, generally, positive sentiment.
  • Bitcoin Cash is listed on all major cryptocurrency exchanges.

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