Bitcoin wallet

You've asked for it, and we're delivering! We're happy to announce our own online Bitcoin wallet, coming very soon to Paybis!

Features of our Bitcoin wallet

  • A fully fledged online Bitcoin wallet — store, manage, and transfer your crypto with ease;

  • Simple and easy to use — just like the Paybis exchange itself;

  • No setup fees — get a free Bitcoin wallet in just a few clicks;

  • No additional commissions — only the standard Bitcoin transaction fees apply;

  • Safe and secure — your Bitcoin wallet is protected by the strictest safety standards;

  • Never lose your crypto — if necessary, you can easily restore your BTC wallet!

What is a Bitcoin wallet and why you need it

If you're new to crypto, you may be wondering what is a Bitcoin wallet. Let's break it down.

A Bitcoin wallet is a unique identifier used to store and manage your crypto. It shows how much crypto you have, and you can deposit more crypto to it, transfer it to other wallets, or just keep it safe.

There are several kinds of wallets, ranging from free online services to dedicated hardware devices. The important thing to remember is that they all work the same; the only thing that's different is the user experience.

Our own wallet is an online Bitcoin wallet built to be intuitive, fast, and secure. Keep scrolling to learn more!

Why choose our wallet

Looking for the best wallet for BTC? Here are some things to keep in mind.

  • Pick a wallet that does not restrict you. Some exchanges lock your crypto in their own platform and charge you withdrawal fees or even disable this option altogether. This means you're not fully in charge;

  • Consider how you get your crypto. If you already have a favorite place to buy Bitcoin, it may make sense to open a Bitcoin wallet at the same exchange;

  • Always keep safety in mind. Anyone who has access to your wallet also has full access to your crypto. Get a secure Bitcoin wallet with someone you can trust;

  • Finally, also consider ease-of-use. If you're serious about crypto, chances are you'll use your wallet a lot. Pick something you're comfortable with.

We've kept all these things in mind to build the best online BTC wallet possible. You don't have to choose between safety, versatility, and ease-of-use: the Paybis wallet has you covered.

Your one-stop crypto shop

At Paybis, we're dedicated to making crypto widely accessible. We built our Bitcoin wallet with the same principle in mind.

The entire experience, from start to finish, is simple and intuitive. We provide everything you need to join the crypto revolution: you can buy, store, and manage your Bitcoin at one place. Even if you're just starting out, you can complete your first purchase in less than 15 minutes!

Most importantly, you're always in control. You're always welcome to use any other BTC wallet. Still, if you're looking for what may well be the simplest, fastest, and safest Bitcoin wallet out there — check our wallet out.

The best Bitcoin wallet for you

Now you know what is a Bitcoin wallet, why you need one, and what makes our wallet unique.

At Paybis, you're always in charge: you decide what crypto to buy, how to buy it, and where to store it. The same applies to our wallets: we do not lock your crypto in our platform, and you're always free to use it any way you want.

You are always welcome to use the wallet you already have. However, we're working hard to bring you the best crypto experience, and this also includes the best Bitcoin wallet.

Sounds good? Open a Paybis account today to make sure you don't miss it! Or, if you already have a Paybis account — stay tuned, good news is coming very soon!

Frequently asked questions

What is the best Bitcoin wallet?

The best wallet for BTC is the one that works for you. At Paybis, you are always welcome to use your own Bitcoin wallet; your transaction will be just as fast and safe. If, however, you're looking for a simple, intuitive, and secure Bitcoin wallet — look no further!

How do I use my BTC wallet?

This wallet works just like any other online BTC wallet. 

When buying crypto at Paybis, you may either select your own Bitcoin wallet or Paybis wallet. When using your own wallet, you'll be asked to enter your wallet address. When using our wallet, all you need to do is select it; we'll transfer your crypto automatically.

Keep in mind: this is a fully fledged free BTC wallet. There are no withdrawal restrictions or fees: you may still use your crypto any way you want. 

How do I add crypto to my wallet?

Paybis is a fiat-to-crypto exchange, so you can always buy your crypto right here. We will automatically transfer it to your wallet of choice. If you choose our wallet, it will appear right in your Paybis profile!

As any other Bitcoin wallet, your Paybis wallet also has a public address. You can use it to transfer and receive crypto from other wallets.

How large is the Bitcoin wallet transaction fee?

This is determined by the blockchain itself: when the network congestion is higher, the fees will be higher as well. We do not charge these fees and cannot influence them. If you find the transaction fee too high, you may want to wait and see if it goes down.

Note that we do not charge any withdrawal fees.

When can I get my Bitcoin wallet?

We understand that you can't wait to get started — and rest assured we're working hard to make it happen very soon! To make sure you stay on top of the latest news, click here to open a Paybis account. You'll be ready to jump into action as soon as possible!