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What is a Solana wallet

So what is a Solana wallet, exactly – and why do you need one?

 If you want to buy some SOL, you need some place where to store them. The Solana blockchain is decentralized; there isn't one company setting up Solana accounts. So that's where a Solana wallet comes in.

Simply put, a SOL wallet is a device, a piece of software or an online service used to receive, store and manage your Solana tokens. There are plenty of wallets to choose from, but they all work the same way. 

Every Solana wallet has a public address and a private key. The address is used to receive your SOL and can be freely shared; it is not enough to access your crypto. The private key does provide access to your crypto, so you must keep it safe to have a secure Solana wallet.

At Paybis, we provide a free Solana wallet that is easy to use but still takes security very seriously. If you like to keep things simple, this could even be the best Solana wallet for you!

How to get a Solana wallet

If you have a Paybis profile, you already have what you need to get a free SOL wallet in just a few clicks. Here's how it works:

  • Log onto your profile and click the “Wallets” tab;

  • Click “Add wallet” and select “Solana”;

  • Your Solana wallet is now ready to use!

When you create your SOL wallet, you'll see a QR code with your public address. You can add some SOL to your wallet right away, or you can always view it later.

And, if you don't have a Paybis profile, don't worry – you can create one in just a few minutes.

What you can do with your SOL wallet

So we've found out what is a Solana wallet and how to get one. What can you do with it?

Of course, the first thing is to store some crypto in it – and, for your peace of mind, scroll back up to see what makes our SOL wallet the safest Solana wallet.

To get your crypto, you can deposit it from another source – click “Deposit” to view your public address. You can also get it right here at our exchange – and buying crypto at Paybis is just as simple as setting up the best wallet for Solana!

And, when you want to send your crypto to another wallet, you can freely do so – there are absolutely no restrictions, and we don't charge any withdrawal fees.

Sounds good? Get yours today and see how simple crypto can be!

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