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Simplest Way to Buy Dogecoin

Hundreds of customers have been asking us to make it possible for them to buy Dogecoin at Paybis. Well, here we are! Follow these easy steps:

  • Sign up with Paybis & get verified
  • Initiate a transaction to buy Dogecoin
  • Copy-paste your wallet address
  • Receive your crypto in no time!

Swipe right to know why we recommend to buy Dogecoin with credit card or debit card!

Why Buy Dogecoin with Debit Card or Credit Card?

Credit and debit cards come in handy not only when you need to pay for your groceries or to withdraw your cash. They are an ultimate way to buy Dogecoin instantly, too! With Paybis’ improved payment flow, it will take you less than a minute to buy Dogecoin with your debit card!

Not only are payment cards quick - they are also one of the most secure methods to buy Dogecoin. We support 3D-Secure technology and are compliant with PCI DSS requirements!

Sounds like a sweet deal already? Wait until you hear that your first credit card transaction is at 0% Paybis fee.

How to Buy Dogecoin with Credit Card Instantly?

It is an insanely easy thing to buy Dogecoin with your credit card and literally anyone is capable of doing it. Here is how it is done: 

  • Select an exchange option to buy Dogecoin with debit card or credit card
  • Input the amount you’re willing to pay & click “Buy Dogecoin”
  • Paste your wallet address
  • Input your card details

That’s it! Now you know how to buy DOGE with credit card instantly. If there are any questions left - shoot us a question at our friendly 24/7 live chat!

Why Purchase DOGE in 2021

There is hardly another coin which became that popular that fast. So many people are willing to buy Dogecoin these days, that its demand has beaten cryptos with very well-established names.

  • Most people buy DOGE in hopes it will go up in value. If you want to HODL, remember that crypto is highly volatile & you need to invest with caution.
  • You can also buy Dogecoin for peer-to-peer transactions!

Whatever your reason for buying Dogecoin is, Paybis makes sure you are able to do so in the most convenient way possible!

Where to Buy Dogecoin In the best way possible?

While a lot of exchanges out there offer you to buy Dogecoin, Paybis is the one that truly stands out from the crypto crowd. Take a look at what we have to offer:

  • Unparalleled security standards - we do not store your funds, we are compliant with the strictest international regulations and have earned praise from thousands of customers around the world
  • First transaction - no fee! The first time you buy DOGE with debit card or credit card, your Paybis fee is on us! Just cover the processing and network fees.

Why people trust Paybis

  • UK, EU, USA compliant
  • 7 years in the business
  • Transparent fee structure
  • Live 24/7 support
  • 10 crypto & 47 fiat currencies
  • Instant verification
  • Lightning-fast crypto settlements
  • 50+ dedicated professionals
  • $250,000,000 annual volume
  • Used by beginners and pros alike
  • Easy to use. Quick to start and make transactions. Reasonable transaction fee in exchange for simplicity and speed.

  • I was referred by a friend who instructed me through this process getting the KYC, doing the picture and the head rotation part lasted forever I did not think it was going to go through and then Wala I was approved. Once approved the process of acquiring crypto and having it transferred to your destination was fast and easy.

  • La transazione è stata relativamente semplice, ma le commissioni sono veramente troppo alte. Sono stato costretto ad utilizzare il servizio solo per i tempi di elaborazione veloci, ma credo che lo riutilizzerò solo in caso di estrema necessità.

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Buy or Sell Cryptocurrency in Just a Few Minutes!

The best way to exchange crypto and e-money around the world.

A step-by-step guide to buying Cryptocurrency on Paybis

  1. Go to our exchange page and use the dropdown filters to choose your exchange relation. Type in the amount you are willing to pay or receive.
  2. In order to buy Dogecoin at Paybis, you will need your own wallet. Choose the one to your liking, and paste its address in the designated field.
  3. The last step is to enter your card details. Fear not - your data is totally safe as we are compliant with the strictest security standards.
  4. Now you know how to buy Dogecoin instantly. Shortly after your payment confirmation, the coins are sent to the wallet you have indicated.

Buy or Sell Cryptocurrency in Just a Few Minutes!

The best way to exchange crypto and e-money around the world.