Polkadot wallet

We're happy to announce a major milestone: your very own online DOT wallet, coming very soon to your Paybis profile! Here's what we're working on.

Features of our Polkadot wallet

  • Industry-leading security standards make the safest Polkadot wallet;

  • Perfectly integrated in the Paybis crypto exchange;

  • Fully fledged online Polkadot wallet without any restrictions;

  • Intuitive design makes it easy to get started right away;

  • Completely free DOT wallet without any hidden fees;

  • Accessible right from your Paybis profile in just a few clicks!

What is a Polkadot wallet

If you're new to crypto, you may be asking — what is a Polkadot wallet and why do I need one?

Simply put, it's a unique identifier used to store, manage, and transfer your crypto. Polkadot is a decentralized cryptocurrency: there is no single authority storing your tokens or checking your identity. Therefore, you need a DOT wallet.

Since there is no central authority, there's also a wide variety of Polkadot wallets to choose from. Note that a free online Polkadot wallet does the exact same thing as a hardware device: it's just the user experience that differs.

At Paybis, you can use any Polkadot wallet you like without any restrictions. And, if you're looking for a simple, accessible, and secure Polkadot wallet — check out what we have in store!

How to choose a DOT wallet

All crypto wallets work the same, so how do you pick the best Polkadot wallet? Here are some things we believe are important.

  • Security is absolutely essential. Anyone who can access your Polkadot wallet can access your crypto. Make sure you can trust your wallet provider;

  • On the other hand, accessibility is also important. You cannot use your DOT if you cannot access your wallet;

  • Some crypto exchanges lock in your crypto in their own proprietary platforms, limiting what you can do with it. An unrestricted DOT wallet is a much better idea;

  • At the same time, having a wallet at your favorite crypto exchange can be convenient — it's easy to access and top it up.

We kept all these things in mind when making our wallet — and it might well be the best online DOT wallet for people who don't want to choose between safety and convenience!

Perfect fit for Paybis

You may already know how easy it is to buy crypto at Paybis. Our Polkadot wallet makes storing your crypto just as convenient!

It is accessible right from your profile — no separate login necessary. It is protected by the same rock-solid security measures. And you can top it up in just a few clicks!
At the same time, our Polkadot wallet does not restrict you in any way. There are no withdrawal or maintenance fees, and you are in full control of your crypto.

You're even welcome to use any other wallet — there are no restrictions. Simply put, we believe our Polkadot wallet can withstand the competition!

Choosing the best Polkadot wallet

So now that you know what is a Polkadot wallet, you may be asking — what is the best wallet for DOT?

The answer is simple: the best Polkadot wallet is the one that works for you. Keeping that in mind, we've been working hard to create the perfect wallet for Paybis users.

If you're looking for a place that makes crypto simple and accessible without sacrificing security — Paybis is the right exchange for you. Our wallet follows the same idea.

If you already have a Paybis account — stay tuned, the wallets are almost here! If you don't — make sure you create one not to miss the big announcement — and see for yourself how simple crypto can be.

Frequently asked questions

Do I really need a Polkadot wallet?

Yes, you do. When you purchase crypto at Paybis, we automatically transfer it to your own wallet. It can be an external wallet or a Paybis wallet; either way, the transaction is just as simple.

Is this the best wallet for DOT?

This depends on your needs and requirements. We've built this wallet as a perfect fit for Paybis users, so, if you like our exchange, we're sure you'll love our wallet. Why not try it yourself?

How do I add money to my Polkadot wallet?

This is one major advantage of our wallet: you can top it up on this very site! Just buy some DOT and select the Paybis wallet; it will transfer automatically once the payment clears.

You can also transfer DOT from some other wallet: just use your wallet's public address.

What are the Polkadot wallet transaction fees?

When transferring crypto to another DOT wallet, there's a blockchain fee. This goes directly to the miners who process your transaction and is not collected by us.

Other than that, there are no additional commissions, such as withdrawal or maintenance fees.

How do I log on to my DOT wallet?

There is no separate login; you can access your DOT wallet from your own Paybis profile. Just click on the Wallets tab, and you'll see your crypto there.

When is the Polkadot wallet coming?

We hope we have your interest. If you can't wait to get started, don't worry — the wallets are coming very soon! Meanwhile, make sure you create a Paybis profile to get started as soon as possible!