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What is an Avalanche wallet and why you need one

So what is an Avalanche wallet – and why do you need one?

An Avalanche wallet is a digital wallet designed specifically for storing, sending, and receiving AVAX, the native cryptocurrency of the Avalanche blockchain.

When purchasing cryptocurrencies through Paybis, they are directly transferred to the user's wallet (not available in the UK). Consequently, owning an AVAX wallet could come in handy when purchasing AVAX via Paybis.

Crypto wallets are decentralized: there isn't one single authority issuing them, so there's a wide variety of wallets to choose from. They all provide the similar functionality, but the user experience varies.

Paybis provides an Avalanche wallet at no cost, focusing on security and user-friendliness. It's straightforward to set up, requiring only a few steps, and functions comparably to other cryptocurrency wallets. It enables users to send, receive, and hold their cryptocurrencies. For those in search of a practical Avalanche wallet, Paybis offers an option worth considering.

Please note, however, that custodial wallets, like a Paybis wallet, have certain risks associated with them. We strongly encourage our users to read about such risks before creating a wallet.

Setting up your Avalanche wallet

Now that you know what is an Avalanche wallet, how do you get one?

We offer an online Avalanche wallet that you can set up and access right from your browser. All you need is a Paybis profile – and, if you don't have one, you can open it in a few minutes!

Once you're logged in, there are two ways how you can get your Avalanche wallet:

  • Click on the “Wallets” tab and choose “Add wallet”;

  • Hit the “Open wallet” button on this page.

No matter which way you choose, you'll get your free AVAX wallet in seconds!

Using your Avalanche wallet

With your new Avalanche wallet on Paybis, you have access to the typical functionalities found in most cryptocurrency wallets. This includes the ability to send, receive, and engage in crypto transactions.

No unauthorized party can access it – you are getting a secure Avalanche wallet. You, on the other hand, can always access it right from your Paybis profile.

The Avalanche wallet developed for Paybis users has been created with attention to user needs.

Why not try it yourself? Scroll back up and start your crypto journey!

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