Dogecoin Price

$0.08354 +2.772%
Market cap$11,836,676,173.86
Volume (24h)$402,974,955.43
Highest price (24h)$0.08357
Circulating supply142,044,436,383.705 DOGE

What is Dogecoin?

Dogecoin is a popular cryptocurrency, known for its low price and lack of utility. The project runs on blockchain technology, similar to Bitcoin and Ethereum, but is mainly seen as a joke without real use cases. The project’s native token, DOGE, managed to “meme its way to the top” thanks to a large dog-loving community and lots of social media exposure.

Today, Dogecoin is far from a joke. After getting widespread support from Reddit’s WallStreetBets and Elon Musk, it has climbed the ranks of the crypto markets to become an unexpected success. Dogecoin price now is increasing rapidly, as the project’s community is growing at a fast pace, following large exchange listings.

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How to read the Dogecoin price chart on Paybis?

Paybis’ Dogecoin price chart is designed to provide you with the current DOGE price in real time without overwhelming you with complex indicators or options. You don’t need any technical dexterity to read our DOGE price chart.

When you open the DOGE value chart on Paybis, you will find the default currency setting to be in USD. Use the drop-down menu to change the currency as you prefer.

The vertical axis represents the Dogecoin value today in the chosen currency (for example, USD to DOGE), and the horizontal axis represents the time frame. You can change the time frame from the drop-down menu at the top of the chart.

The chart is a line graph that constantly updates with the current Dogecoin price.

Below the chart, you will find more information on the trading volume and market cap of Dogecoin. Make use of them to complement your research.

How Dogecoin works

Dogecoin’s primary function is that of an alternative payment system and a potential store of value. Similar to most cryptocurrencies, it is built on distributed blockchain technology, and grows in value through user adoption.

Getting into more technical details, Dogecoin has a Proof of Work consensus model, which enables miners to earn DOGE by validating transaction blocks and then selling the coins in the open market. That said, keep in mind that Dogecoin has not capped supply. Nearly 15 million Dogecoins enter in circulation per day. With this large supply inflation, many wonder if the coin will ever make a reliable store of value.

To counter this issue, many speculate that Dogecoin will eventually migrate or fork into Proof of Stake. When asked about potential cross-chain interoperability between Ethereum and Dogecoin, Vitalik Buterin mentioned that PoS would be ideal, and Elon Musk later agreed through a tweet.

Features that affect price of Dogecoin right now

While Dogecoin isn’t as strong fundamentally as it is in terms of community, there are many features that make it a great investment. Below are some features that affect price of Dogecoin right now:

  • Large community & influencer support - Tech founders like Elon Musk and celebrities from all industries are actively promoting Dogecoin, which results in community growth. And since a cryptocurrency is only as valuable as the people who hold it, this is probably the strongest feature to keep in mind.
  • No use case… yet! - While Dogecoin is currently seen as a meme cryptocurrency, there is an active effort to leverage the community behind the coin and scale the project. Use cases today far exceed financial applications, so the opportunities are many.
  • Dogecoin price performance - The popular cryptocurrency grew by several multiples over the past year and is one of the best-performing coins in terms of % growth. While we can’t use this information to predict the future, it certainly has caused a spike in demand.
  • Popular for tipping - DOGE is often used to tip content creators on platforms such as Reddit, Twitter, and Medium.

Who created Dogecoin?

Dogecoin was developed by software engineers Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer in 2013. In the early days of the altcoin market, the duo spent “about two hours” creating the dog-portraying cryptocurrency as a parody of Bitcoin.

In a short period of time, the seemingly absurd concept of dog money took off through forums and social media, and the rest is history. Both founders claim to not own part of the initial supply and only hold coins received from donations.

Today, Billy Markus tweets under the name Shibetoshi Nakamoto. The pseudonym combines the name of Bitcoin’s founder (Satoshi Nakamoto) and Shiba Inu, the dog on the logo of Dogecoin.

Dogecoin price today

DOGE price has experienced large volatility over the past year, mainly fuelled by sentiment changes linked to influencer promotion. To help you track the changes in the current Dogecoin price, we integrated price charts from several sources. These will help you track the Dogecoin price history and improve your investment decisions.

The Dogecoin price chart has multiple filtering options, allowing you to adjust the data based on your preferences:

  • Check the live Dogecoin price as seen on several exchanges and trading platforms.
  • Track the performance of Dogecoin price today, or switch to weekly, monthly, and annual timeframes.
  • Check the Dogecoin price in USD, or choose from 45+ currency options.
  • Analyze the Dogecoin price using several variables, including current market cap, trading volumes, daily range, etc.

Dogecoin price history


Below is Dogecoin price history from 2013 to 2022.

  • 2013-2016: The DOGE price remained relatively low during this period, ranging between $0.0002 and $0.002.
  • 2017: The price of DOGE began to rise sharply in December 2017, reaching a high of $0.008 in January 2018. This was driven by the overall bull market in cryptocurrencies, as well as the popularity of Dogecoin among celebrities and social media users.
  • 2018: The price of Dogecoin peaked at $0.008 in January 2018, before falling sharply as the broader crypto market crashed.
  • 2019-2020: The DOGE price remained relatively low during this period, ranging between $0.001 and $0.003.
  • 2021: The price of Dogecoin began to rise sharply in April 2021, reaching a high of $0.74 in May. This was driven by a number of factors, including Elon Musk's tweets about Dogecoin, as well as the growing popularity of meme coins among retail investors.
  • 2022: The onset of the bear market caused the price of Dogecoin to decline sharply by the end of 2022.

Paybis lets you keep track of the Dogecoin price history accurately by updating all prices in real time on the DOGE to USD price chart. You can also check prices in other fiat currencies.

Factors influencing DOGE price

The factors influencing Dogecoin price include:

  • Supply and demand: The price of Dogecoin is determined by supply and demand. When more people want to buy Dogecoin than sell it, the price goes up. When more people want to sell Dogecoin than buy it, the price goes down.
  • News and events: News and events can also affect the price of Dogecoin. For example, if Elon Musk tweets about Dogecoin, the price may go up.
  • Market sentiment: Market sentiment is the overall mood of the market. When people are optimistic about the market, the price of Dogecoin may go up. When people are pessimistic about the market, the price of Dogecoin may go down.
  • It is important to note that these are just some of the factors that can affect the price of Dogecoin. The price of Dogecoin is constantly changing, and it is difficult to predict future price movements. The current Dogecoin value might differ greatly from what it was just a few days ago.


What is the current price of Dogecoin?

Wondering how much is the Dogecoin today? Dogecoin price today will likely not be the same as yesterday or tomorrow. Dogecoin prices fluctuate based on market volatility. Use the Paybis Dogecoin price chart to get the latest price of Dogecoin in USD.

What is the price of one Dogecoin?

The price of one Dogecoin can be calculated using the DOGE calculator on Paybis. Try it today.

How much will Dogecoin reach in 2030?

It is impossible to accurately predict the future price of Dogecoin in USD or any other fiat currency. You can use the Dogecoin price chart to make reasonable assumptions of where the price of Dogecoin might end up by 2030. But remember that past performance does not guarantee future returns.

Who has most Dogecoin?

The wallet with the address DEgDVFa2DoW1533dxeDVdTxQFhMzs1pMke owns almost 33 billion DOGE.

What's the price of Dogecoin when it started?

DOGE was launched in December 2013 with a price of $0.00026.

How many people own 1 Dogecoin?

There are over 4 million unique wallet addresses that own at least 1 Dogecoin. Note that one person may own more than one wallet.

What is Dogecoin at its highest price?

DOGE witnessed an all-time high of $0.7376 per DOGE on May 08, 2021.