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Wrapped Bitcoin Price

$66,295.54 +0.129%
Market cap$10,157,602,275.88
Volume (24h)$33,249,037.62
Highest price (24h)$66,542.12
Circulating supply153,024.109 WBTC

What is Wrapped Bitcoin

Wrapped Bitcoin, as the name suggests, is basically Bitcoin in an ERC-20 compliant wrapping. 

Wrapped Bitcoin value is backed by underlying Bitcoin reserves, and WBTC price closely follows that of Bitcoin. Please note that the current Wrapped Bitcoin price may still be slightly different from Bitcoin due to varying supply and demand.

The ERC-20 compliant wrapping adds further value: WBTC can be used in numerous DeFi projects that usually only work with ERC-20 tokens.

Understanding WBTC price

WBTC is a kind of stablecoin: the price of Wrapped Bitcoin is loosely pegged to another asset. The main difference is that other stablecoins are usually pegged to USD and used as a hedge against volatility. Since WBTC price follows the Bitcoin price, it is subject to the same volatility.

If you compare this Wrapped Bitcoin price chart to Bitcoin, you may notice some small differences in price. This may reflect the fact that WBTC has more uses than plain Bitcoin. Still, any huge disparities are unlikely.

Using the price chart

This Wrapped Bitcoin price tracker is a simple yet accurate research tool for investors and crypto enthusiasts. 

By default, it shows the Wrapped Bitcoin price today, that is, over the last 24 hours. Wrapped Bitcoin price history can easily be accessed from the “Day” dropdown menu.

All the currency rates are constantly refreshed, giving you the live Wrapped Bitcoin price. Moreover, in addition to WBTC price in USD, it also shows Wrapped Bitcoin price in 90+ international currencies.

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Possible uses of WBTC

Wrapped Bitcoin combines the established status of Bitcoin with the myriad of uses provided by ERC-20 tokens.

For example, WBTC can be invested in a number of decentralized finance (DeFi) projects. You still keep your tokens and can sell them when WBTC price reaches the level you're aiming for. At the same time, you can earn additional income.

As always, do your own research before making any investment decisions.

Wrapped Bitcoin price today

As noted, Wrapped Bitcoin price now is very similar to the current Bitcoin price. There are some slight differences, but you probably should not expect any dramatically different price movements.

Instead, you may consider WBTC for its ERC-20 compatibility. For starters, you don't need a separate wallet: WBTC can be stored in any ERC-20 wallet.

So, if you're ready to give WBTC a go, scroll back up and click the “Buy” button. Rest assured: with Paybis, your purchase will be simple, fast, and smart!