New languages available!

Dear customers, We are excited to inform you that we have translated our website into 5 new languages: Spanish, Italian, French, German and Portuguese. We are doing our best to make your stay on our website even more comfortable. In order to select a language, please click on the language icon in the upper-right corner. Stay tuned as we are planning to translate our website to other languages soon!P.S. Please note that live support will continue to be provided in English, Latvian and Russian languages only. Best regards, Paybis Team. (read more)

Can you convert Bitcoin to Paypal on Paybis?

You may have observed recently that there is no option available for exchanging Bitcoin to Paypal. While Paypal is considered to be the most popular digital wallet for online purchases, there have been many instances indicating several accounts getting blocked for cryptocurrency purchases. Let’s take a look at the known facts: Coinbase recently added Paypal as a payment gateway but it only allows to withdraw money to your PayPal account if the user is based in the USA. Paypal’s refund policy is often abused by users who purchase Bitcoin from third-party escrow exchanges. Paypal is slowly taking a more relaxing stance regarding their cryptocurrency ... (read more)

Is It Possible To Convert Bitcoin to Yandex Money?

Yandex money, otherwise known as the Paypal of Russia, has made its way into the cryptocurrency world with a small but steadily growing amount of Russian individuals investing in cryptocurrency. While we do believe and support the use of multiple payment methods on Paybis, we want to optimize the page for its users. Therefore, we have decided to remove Yandex money as a payment option. Even though not publicly stated, it has often been observed that Yandex is not as supportive of cryptocurrencies as other digital wallets are. And that, oftentimes, created frustration to the cryptocurrency community. While Yandex money is a popular service ... (read more)

Beware of Airbnb Bitcoin scam

Dear customers, Please beware of a scam scheme that involves property rental and Bitcoin. There is a group of people who pose to be Airbnb representatives and are asking to make payments in Bitcoin. They created a phishing website that looks very similar to Airbnb’s website.   However, Airbnb does not accept payments in Bitcoin for property rental. We highly encourage everyone to be very cautious when paying for a service or product with Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency. Such transactions are irreversible. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Live Support team. Best regards, Paybis Team.   (read more)

WARNING: Fake phone agent Scam alert!

Dear Paybis Customer, If an Agent on the phone is telling you to visit our website and perform a Credit Card verification, please be extremely careful and cautious, most likely you are being Scammed! Neither we, or @SimplexCC or any major exchange is offering phone support. If you have any doubts, please contact our online support via chat, facebook or send us an email to [email protected] to doublecheck that your intended action on Paybis is correct. Please stay safe online! Yours, Paybis Team (read more)

New cool promo materials have been added – grab yours now!

Dear Clients and Webmasters,   New promo materials have been added to our Referral Program. Now banners are covering the following sizes: 468x60, 160x90, 300x250, 728x90, 712x80. Banners are available in English and Russian languages, more languages and promo materials will be added soon. You are welcome to drive more traffic to our website and get lifetime commission from every exchange that your referral makes. If you have lot of traffic please, contact [email protected] for special commission rates and offers. We can work out some special terms for big webmasters.   Few banner examples: (read more)

Automatic vs Manual Exchange

Main differences between Automatic and Manual exchanges are the following: - Automatic Exchange is executed without PayBis personal involvement.  1) Create an Order, 2) Send Payment (see instructions in My Dashboard after order is created) 3) Mark as Paid 4) Payouts are performed automatically by our system, after succesfully confirmation of received funds. It might take up to several hours to get PayOut due to our security features and double confirmations of payment.  - Manual Exchange is executed with PayBis operator. Order is completed within 0-3h from submission. 1) Create an Order,  2) Send Payment (see instructions in My Dashboard after order is created) 3) Mark as Paid 4) Payouts are performed manually ... (read more)

Warning - Skype Scammers use our identity for fraudulent activities

Dear All, We would like to raise a Warning Flag!   There has been several Fake Skype accounts created, that pretend to be persons working for our company and offering fake services to our customers. As result customers send them money to specific fake accounts (e.g. [email protected]) and do not get anything in return!  Please check carefully skype id and compare to skype id's specified on our website. If you are unsure, safest way is to contact our customer support via built in Online Chat and verify that person to whom you are talking on skype is valid representative. So far, there has been ... (read more)

Buy BTC with USA Gift Cards!

Good news everyone! We are happy to announce that after a number of requests we are going to accept Gift Cards from now on (USA only). Buying Bitcoins has never been this easy for our customers. At the moment we accept Best Buy, Walmart, Staples, Home Depot, Ebay and Target gift cards. Please make sure to save the card and your cash receipt, those are going to be needed for the transaction. If you are interested in buying Bitcoins with us using a gift card you don't currently see on our website - please talk to our agent in live chat or ... (read more)