What is DYOR and why it is important for all investors?

The term has been circulating in cryptocurrency and blockchain communities for a while now. But what is DYOR?

What is DYOR?

DYOR is an acronym that stands for “Do Your Own Research”. 

And there is a good reason for why this acronym has become a common mantra. 

Asking questions and browsing through resources has always been of high importance to fully understand an investment opportunity.

This is especially the case in the crypto world. Everything that happens usually happens for a reason and, unless you are up to date, you might miss out.

Why DYOR is encouraged?  

DYOR is a reminder to all of us to take charge of our own knowledge. While there are plenty of insightful and trustworthy resources to learn from, one must evaluate and compare everything, making a final decision by himself.

Remember – it takes time to build your knowledge and there is always some form of risk involved.