PayPal temporary off

Hi We would like to inform that our paypal service is temporary switched off due to regular PayPal review, we hope it will be available in the middle of the next week.  We apologize for any inconveniences caused. Truly yours, PayBis Team! (read more)

PayPal is Back

We are glad to announce that we've resumed accepting of PayPal payments. You will have to go through Identity Verification and PayPal Verificaiton, please check requirements in Account Verification section of our website.  In case of questions, do not hesitate to contact our support! (read more)

Problem with Registration - Resolved

Dear Users, We have had a temporary problem with registration on our website, now it has been resolved. (read more)

PayPal - Coming soon

Would like to inform that we will resume accepting PayPal soon. At the moment this service is suspended.  (read more)

Technical issues - Resolved!

Update: All technical issues has been resolved, our website is back fully operational.   (read more)

Automatic vs Manual Exchange

Main differences between Automatic and Manual exchanges are the following: - Automatic Exchange is executed without PayBis personal involvement.  1) Create an Order, 2) Send Payment (see instructions in My Dashboard after order is created) 3) Mark as Paid 4) Payouts are performed automatically by our system, after succesfully confirmation of received funds. It might take up to several hours to get PayOut due to our security features and double confirmations of payment.  - Manual Exchange is executed with PayBis operator. Order is completed within 0-3h from submission. 1) Create an Order,  2) Send Payment (see instructions in My Dashboard after order is created) 3) Mark as Paid 4) Payouts are performed manually ... (read more)

Jivochat - great way to connect with us

Dear Users,   We would like to share our experience using JivoChat  online chat tool. When we launched the site initially the only communication we have provided was thru emails, skype, icq, jabber and few others. But people use various messengers and it's difficult to get the right one. Especially if you are on the move or don't use own PC.  Therefore we have decided to introduce Online Chat possibility that would work from the Browser for our customers. After checking for solutions on the market we picked JivoChat mainly due to it's 14 Days free trial and easy ... (read more)

Technical Problems with Emails - Resolved!

Update: Problem resolved today around 13:00 EEST (GMT+3) Dear PayBis Users,   We are experienced delays in Outgoing Emails from our system. Technical support is working on this outage and we plan to resolve this by end of the day today. Example of issues you may experience: Problem: You have registered and did not get activation email. Solution: Please contact our support to get this done manually. Problem: You have placed Orders but did not get any email Confirmation. Solution: You can see status of all your orders in My Dashboard.  Problem: You have submitted Verification Documents but did not get any email from us with ... (read more)

Now you can buy BitCoins here!

We are happy to announce that now You can Buy BitCoins on our site and pay with several payment systems (Paxum, Perfect Money, Okpay).   Purchasing is fully Automated and happens without Operators effort. After BTC Purchase Order is paid BitCoins are being Purchased for you based on the BTC Price that was fixed in the order.   Example: Paxum->BitCoins a) On Home Page select Paxum->BitCoin exchange. Enter desired amount in "You Spend" or "Your Recieve" fields. Please note that BTC price changes in realtime, thus amount in "You Spend" or "Your Recieve" fields might slightly change every several seconds.   b) Paste your ... (read more)

We Have introduced Automatic Transactions

Hi All, It's been a while since our last updates! We have been working hard to get new features out! We are happy to announce that we have started to accept automatic payments from: - Paxum, Okpay, Perfect Money, Web Money and BITCOINS!  This Means you can login and make payment directly via your account as we have integrated with above mentioned payment systems and platforms.   Additionally we are now able to make automatic payouts to the following systems: - Paxum, Okpay, Perfect Money! - Web Money and Bitcoins are coming out soon!   This way you can place your Exchange Request in Automatic Transaction section and they will ... (read more)

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