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How to use the TRX to USD service

Tron is a popular cryptocurrency that is building a solid ecosystem for decentralized applications. By using the tool present on this page you can reliably evaluate the Tron to Dollar price. Below is a short guide on how to use it effectively: 

  • There are two input fields at your disposal. The left one is used to enter and display the value of cryptocurrencies, in this case, TRX. The right input field is used to enter and display the value of fiat currencies, in this case, USD. 
  • If you wish to make a TRX to USD evaluation, simply type in the desired amount of TRX in the left-hand box. The tool will automatically display its value in USD. 
  • The tool works in the opposite direction as well. Simply enter a desired USD value in the right-hand box and the tool will automatically display the corresponding value in TRX tokens. 
  • Once you have calculated the right amount of TRX, you can click the “Buy now” button. This will lead you to the Tron coin to USD purchase page, where may check the amounts one last time before proceeding with your transaction. 

NB: In addition to the TRX/USD pair, you can use this page to evaluate the price of hundreds of other cryptocurrencies and dozens of fiat currencies.  Simply click on the drop-down menus to access the search bar and select the currency you wish to compare. 

Benefits of using the Tron to USD estimation tool

To be successful in a volatile market like cryptocurrencies, you need to have a reliable tool for checking prices. Our tool offers multiple benefits for Paybis users, including: 

  • Easy to use and intuitive - thanks to its clean interface, the tool remains accessible to all cryptocurrency investors, regardless of their skill level or experience. 
  • Check prices on the go - this page was designed with mobile devices in mind. As such, you will be getting the full user experience on your smartphone when checking TRX prices away from your computer.  
  • Live price updates - the estimation tool communicates with the market to bring you the latest price variations of TRX to USD. 
  • Enhanced experience for investors - the tool guides investors to instantly buy the desired cryptocurrency once they are happy with their estimation.  

Stay updated and purchase coins at the right time

The TRX USD page provides you with an easy and intuitive way to assess the value of your TRX holdings. Moreover, you can use it to verify the latest prices and anticipate the amount of USD needed for your Tron to USD purchases on Paybis. To enjoy all the benefits of a fast and reliable crypto exchange, click the “buy now” button above and proceed to buy TRX.

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