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How to use the USDT to USD page

Tether is a stablecoin that is pegged to the US Dollar. This means that theoretically, 1 USDT should always be equal to 1 USD. However, the peg is not always accurate, and there can be minor fluctuations of a fraction of 1%. 

While this small margin of error is negligible for small purchases, the difference can have considerable repercussions on sizable portfolios. For this reason, it’s wise to check the USDT to USD equivalence prior to each cryptocurrency purchase. Here’s how to do it using this page: 

  • Use the left input box to enter the USDT value. The tool will automatically display the corresponding value in USD in the right input box. 
  • The estimation tool works in the opposite direction as well. You can provide a value in USD in the right box and get the corresponding Tether to USD value in the left field. 
  • The “Buy now” button will lead you to the page where you can instantly purchase
  • Finally, you can use the right-hand side drop-down menu to select another fiat currency for comparison. This feature will allow you to compare other fiat pairs than USDT/USD. 

Benefits of using the Tether USD page

This Tether to Dollar page brings a large array of benefits to Paybis users, including: 

  • Get live price updates - the platform communicates with various crypto exchanges, giving you access to the latest Tether USD price fluctuations. 
  • Check prices on any device - because it’s web-based, this page can be used on desktop or mobile without sacrificing any of the user experience. 
  • Avoid costly errors before purchase - small price fluctuations can have a considerable impact on large USDT to USD purchases. Anticipate these fluctuations and buy at the best possible time. 
  • Compare Tether to dozens of other fiat currencies - this tool can be a life-saver if your base currency is not the USD. You can easily calculate how much USDT you can get in your local currency by selecting it from the drop-down menu.  

Stay updated and buy at the right moment

Tether coins are one of the best on-ramps from fiat to crypto. They can be used to shield yourself from the volatility of the market or used for day trading. The tool on our page will give you an accurate estimation of the USDT to Dollar price. It’s an essential addition to any crypto investor toolset as it will help to avoid costly errors caused by minor fluctuations prior to purchase.  

To add some USDT to your crypto portfolio, simply click on “Buy now” and buy USDT instantly on Paybis.