20 Best Money Making Apps for 2023 – A Detailed Guide

20 Best Money Making Apps for 2023 – A Detailed Guide

Our phones have become an essential part of our life. We use them for work, entertainment, but also to idle when bored. A study shows that the average adult spends around 3 hours on their phone each day! 

Do you happen to spend a lot of time on your phone as well? Would you like to turn your time into money? Then this article is meant for you.

There are many apps on the market that will pay you for simple tasks. These are hard times for lots of people and a side income can make quite a difference. For this reason, we’ve compiled the following list of the top money-making apps. 

We will go through the best money making apps in 2023, which you can use to earn money on the go.



Best Money Making Apps

To help you choose which app you should try out, we researched thoroughly each one before listing it here. Therefore, you can rest assured that none of these are scams or Ponzi schemes. 


1. Rakuten Rewards – Cash Back App

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Formerly knows as Ebates, Rakuten Rewards is one of the most popular cashback apps. Users can shop in the 2500+ affiliated stores and get money back on their purchases. 

While most apps offer around 1% to 2%, Rakuten Rewards merchants offer up to 10% cashback. If you use it regularly, you can count on it as extra cash as they do payouts on your PayPal account every quarter.  

Additionally, they offer a large number of coupons and special offers that you can use for shopping in the supported stores. This makes it one of the top money-making apps in 2021

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2. Shopkick – Gift Card Rewards 


Where Rakuten pays you directly in cash, Shopkeep does the same but through gift cards. 

By shopping and browsing at affiliate stores or websites, you can win points (kicks) that you can later exchange for popular stores gift cards like Amazon or Starbucks. 

There are six different ways how you can start accumulating points with Shopkeep: 

  • Walk into affiliate stores
  • Scan select product barcodes
  • Scan Receipts from affiliate stores
  • Make purchases with a linked card  
  • Shop online on affiliate websites
  • Watch in-app ad videos 

While this app won’t directly give you money, the fact that you don’t have to make actual purchases is a great perk. 

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3. Swagbucks – Cash Back and Gift Cards

best money making apps

Swagbucks allows you to get cashbacks and gift cards while participating in different activities. 

You can receive swag points (SP) that you can later send to your PayPal or acquire popular gift cards. 

The biggest advantage of Swagbucks is the versatility of the activities that yield points. 

You can shop online, answer surveys, play games, search the web, and watch videos. Things you were already doing before, but now you get rewarded for it!

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4. Ibotta – Cash Back ($20 Starter Bonus)


Ibotta is a cashback app that allows you to pay supported merchants directly with their app. 

You can either pay through Ibotta or scan receipts from eligible merchants manually. The app also offers couponing and discount sections. A small drawback is that you will need to watch short ads in the app to get access to the special offers.

You can also link shop loyalty cards for even more savings with your favorite retailers. 

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5. MoneyApp – Convert Credits into Cash Rewards

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MoneyApp is one of the most popular reward-based apps out there. Completing tasks in the app will grant you credits that you can convert into hard cash. Once you reach a certain payout threshold, you can cash out into your PayPal account within 48 hours

There are tons of different activities you can participate in, like playing games, installing apps, inviting friends, taking surveys, etc. 

The app is constantly updated with new offers and tasks that grant more credits. It’s accessible free money making software that helps you convert your phone screen time into cash. 

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6. Acorns – Investing With Spare Change 

earn from investing

Acorns is, hands-down, the best money making app in 2021 when considering investments. 

This app works in quite an original way. You link a credit card and Acorns will round up your spendings to the nearest dollar. All spare change will be automatically invested in different bonds, stocks, or other assets. 

There are is no minimum capital, and you can start earning with as little as $10. They also offer services like saving plans and cashbacks, which are included in the 3 different pricing plans ($1, $2, or $3 per month). 

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7. Stash – Investing, on a Budget

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Stash is another investment app for people that don’t have a ton of money. The app allows them to buy fractional shares of stocks. Want to buy Tesla shares but don’t have $600+ to spend? With Stash, you can own just a portion of a share and spend as much as you can afford.  

After signing up for Stash, you’ll be able to build your portfolio based on your personal goals and risk tolerance. The app offers additional perks like a physical debit card ($9/month) and a pension savings option.  

Overall, Stash is an intuitive app that caters to beginner and experienced investors alike.

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8. Celsius Network – Earn Interest on Cryptocurrencies

celsius network

The Celsius Network is a lending company that facilitates borrowing and lending of cryptocurrencies. 

By depositing some of your cryptos through the app wallet, you will be paid out interest on a weekly basis. One big advantage with Celsius is that you don’t have to lock your funds for a given amount of time. 

You can instead withdraw your money back to your personal wallet anytime you wish, free of charge. 

Additionally, the app offers some of the highest return rates (up to 12%) and a good variety of supported cryptocurrencies. 

All things considered, Celsius is one of the best money making apps in 2021 for crypto holders. It’s simple to use and provides regular payouts.

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9. Nexo – Earn Passive Income from Crypto

nexo earnings

Nexo is a similar platform to Celsius Network, but here, you earn interest in traditional currencies like USD, GBP, and EUR. 

Opening an account is simple and near-instant, and you keep access to your funds at all times. Nexo promises 8% return rates on a yearly basis, which is much higher than most savings accounts. 

Nexo is accessible to more than 200 countries, and offers a debit master card, giving you access to your credit line whenever you need it. The only caveat is that the minimum deposit is 1000EUR, although the company is working on lowering this amount in the near future. 

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10. Coinbase Earn – Earn While Learning About Crypto

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Cryptocurrencies are becoming more popular than ever. So why not make some money while learning about them? 

Coinbase Earn is a platform that aims to get new people interested in crypto and does this through education and payout incentives. Here’s how it works: you watch short educative videos about different cryptocurrencies, complete a quiz, and get free coins. 

Simple and effective. One disadvantage is that at the moment of writing, only a few lessons are available. 

However, Coinbase is expected to add more lessons and sources of income, so you should definitely check it out. 


11. Google Opinion Rewards – Earn While Completing Surveys


Google Opinion Rewards is the perfect app for survey addicts. Here, you earn credits just by completing short surveys on different topics ranging from TV shows, shopping habits, internet services, etc. 

Android users earn credits that can be used on Google Play to buy apps, rent movies, etc. Apple users, on the other hand, get paid via PayPal.

The amount of money you will make will directly depend on your free time and dedication to answering surveys. But with an average of $0.30 per survey, it can be said that Google Survey Rewards is one of the best apps that pay you for having fun. 

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12. Surveys on the go – Alternative to Google Rewards


This is another survey app, for those that really like answering questions. When you’ve depleted your Google surveys for the day, you can jump into SOTG to make a few extra bucks. 

The app sends a couple of surveys a week and notifies you when new ones are available. You can get your payout through PayPal, an Amazon gift card, or a Starbucks gift card. There’s a $10 threshold before cashing out. 

Just make sure your app is up to date at all times, as there have been some complaints of not being able to get payouts for this reason. 

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13. Foap – Earn by Taking Photos


Foap is one of the best money making apps. It allows aspiring photographers to make some money through their hobby. With smartphone technology taking leaps and bounds, most of us have a high-quality snapper in our pocket at all times. 

The platform allows creatives to sell their photos by uploading them on the platform. The payout goes to your PayPal account, and you share the profits with Foap 50/50. You can sell a single photo multiple times, which is very convenient. 

Finally, there are special “missions” you can accept. These involve doing some work for renowned brands, allowing you to get global recognition and get paid top dollar for your work.

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14. SweatCoin – Convert your Steps Into Credits

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SweatCoin is an app that pays you to walk! This health app incentivizes people to walk instead of driving or taking the bus. For every thousand steps you take, you are rewarded one Sweatcoin. 

These digital tokens cannot be converted into hard cash. Instead, you can use them in their online store to buy different items like iPhones, LCD TVs, healthy food, clothes, and much more. 

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15. Instacart – Shop and Deliver Groceries


Instacart allows you to sign up as a shopper and buy groceries for people that order items through the app. You get paid for each delivery you make.  

Delivering for Instacart can be either a full-time job or a side-gig for extra money. This depends on the demand in your region, so make sure you check it out before committing fully. If you like to drive and shop around, Instacart will help you get some money for it. 

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16. Uber – Become a Taxi or Delivery Service on Your Terms


Uber is one of the fastest-growing companies in the world. Their app allows anyone that has a car to become a driver and get paid for it. You get notifications from people in need of a ride in your vicinity. Then, you can accept or refuse the gig. 

If you own a vehicle, have spare time on your hands, and prefer to remain on your own schedule, Uber is a great option.

For those that can’t drive a car or don’t like dealing with passengers, they can sign up for Uber’s delivery service. Through the same app, you will get notifications of food pickups and where to deliver them. All you need is a scooter or a bike to qualify for Uber Eats delivery.

Uber, like any business, it has its pros and cons. If demand is low, you might spend a couple of days without income. 

However, if you live in an urban area with lots of demand, driving for Uber can become a decent-paying job. Just keep in mind that you remain your own boss. This implies that Uber will not cover your insurance or benefits. 

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17. Airbnb – Rent your extra space for extra income


Do you have a spare room in your apartment? Or a mountain cabin you haven’t visited in a while? Airbnb is here to help you monetize your real estate. 

Their app revolutionized the way people travel and democratized renting properties. Any home-owner can become a host and make some money by renting out their real estate to travelers around the world. 

Airbnb makes it easy to upload pictures of your property, communicate with potential customers and highlight what’s great about the location. 

Make sure your rental is as pleasant as possible to get good reviews. Cleaning, fixing up, dealing with guests aren’t easy tasks to handle on a daily basis. So make sure you got what it takes before you commit to becoming a landlord. 

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18. Pawshake – Dog Sitting and Walking


Pawshake is one of the best money making apps in 2021. It connects dog owners with reliable dog walkers and pet sitters.  

If you love dogs and like to walk around, Pawshake will help you find gigs in your area. You can accept or decline bookings, manage reservations, and share daily updates with the owners through easy picture sharing. 

Moreover, as a dog walker, you can combine this app with the aforementioned SweatCoin app and earn from both at the same time!

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19. Fiverr – Convert Skills Into Cash

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Fiverr is a freelancing platform that enables anyone to use their skillset in order to make some money online. Similar to other platforms like Upwork, Fiverr allows you to list and apply for small gigs. 

But where it differs from others is the range of different types of jobs you can post there. If you have a skill that’s worth something, you can probably find a buyer for it on Fiverr.  

Sing a song, create a voiceover, write code, design a website, the options are almost limitless. This diversity makes Fiverr one of the best money making apps in 2021 for freelancers. 

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20. BookScouter – Buy and Sell Old Textbooks for Profit


Bookscouter is an app that allows you to appraise old books just by scanning the ISBN barcode. Conveniently enough, you can also create a shipping number directly with the app, send them to BookScouter for free, and get paid instantly. 

A great option for when you want to get rid of your old textbooks and sell them at the best possible price. Additionally, it can help you hunt for rare books in thrift shops and second-hand stores and give you price quotes instantly. 

Whether you are using it to declutter your library or make some profits, you should consider using Bookscouter as it is one of the best money making apps.

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Wrapping up 

So that concludes our list of the best money making apps in 2021 that you can use on the go.

Most of the time these apps are a decent way of making some extra cash or earn passive income just by idling on your phone. Just remember that you should not expect to get rich by using them. 

Those that pay enough to replace your job, require a full-time commitment. Also, always keep your guard up, as if something sounds too good to be true, it’s probably is a scam.