Dogelon Mars price prediction: forget Moon, we’re going to Mars

Dogelon Mars price prediction: forget Moon, we’re going to Mars

The crypto community is always on the lookout for the next big thing: an unknown token that comes out of nowhere, gets massively popular and makes some smart investors very wealthy.

It’s by no means the only way to invest in crypto – a lot can be said about selecting proven projects and capitalizing on their growth. But this time, we’ve decided to take a closer look at those tokens that are currently flying below the radar yet could surprise on the upside.

So in this series of blog posts, we’ll look at some interesting upstarts that currently sit somewhere between Top 100 and Top 200 in the list of tokens by market cap. We won’t try to name the next winner – that’s up to you to decide – and we won’t shy away from any possible problems. Instead, we will look at their history, strengths and weaknesses, and potential future developments.

We’ll begin with the purported killer of Dogecoin killer – Dogelon Mars. What is it, what does it aim to do and, of course, what’s the Dogelon Mars price prediction for the coming years? Let’s dive right in!


What is Dogelon Mars

Dogelon Mars (ELON) is an ERC-20 token known as a meme coin, that is, a crypto token based on an Internet meme and deriving its popularity from it.

The first meme coin, Dogecoin, launched the whole category and went from being a relatively unknown token created just for laughs to a well-established crypto. Its success prompted the creation of other meme coins, and one of them – the self-proclaimed “Dogecoin killer” Shiba Inu – also went on to achieve notable success, regularly trading among Top 20 cryptos by market cap.

This, in turn, encouraged other memelords to try their hand at memecoining, which finally brings us to Dogelon Mars.

Crypto projects often go out of their way to create something new and innovative, such as a new way to store data, faster way to process transactions or even run the entire Internet. Dogelon Mars, however, is not ashamed to stick to the tried-and-tested methods of memecoin success – namely, pick a successful meme that has worked before and try to ride on its coattails.

ELON goes one step further. If one successful meme is good, then surely two would be better! So, in addition to the popular Shiba Inu dog meme, it throws Elon Musk in the mix, claiming the coveted ELON ticker.

Now, this is a good time to state explicitly that Mr Musk is in no way involved with the Dogelon Mars project and, unlike Dogecoin, hasn’t endorsed it. Indeed, it looks like the Dogelon Mars team has created its coin carefully enough to make the connection obvious without risking any legal action.

So, instead of Elon Musk, the token’s mascot is the eponymous Dogelon Mars. It’s a Mars-colonizing Shiba Inu traveling through space and time, his adventures documented in comics which, of course, are available as NFTs. This allows throwing in the third meme, for a good measure. Mr Musk’s long-stated ambition is to colonize Mars, and Dogecoin’s battle cry has been “To the Moon”. Well, Dogelon Mars takes this one step further and promises to send ELON to Mars.


Forget the Moon, we're talking galaxies here

Forget the Moon, we’re talking galaxies here. Picture: OpenSea


Three memes, a powerful mascot and two successful meme coins before it – it seems like Dogelon Mars could indeed become the next meme coin sensation. Has it?


Dogelon Mars price history: the rise, the fall, the rise again

When looking at Dogelon Mars price history, it’s helpful to compare it with the rest of the crypto market.

The project launched in April 2021, which in general was a time of great optimism in the crypto markets. Bitcoin had just hit USD 60,000 for the first time, Shiba Inu was about to reach new heights, and the investor sentiment was clearly bullish. It’s little wonder, then, that Dogelon Mars spiked soon after its release.

It’s worth noting that, much like many other meme coins, Dogelon Mars has an absurdly large maximum supply – in this case 1,000,000,000,000,000 or a million billions – or a thousand trillions, if you prefer. Correspondingly, the price of a single Dogelon is exceedingly small.

So when we say “spiked”, what we mean is “went all the way up to 0.00000226” – or, to make it somewhat easier to follow, to USD 2.26 per 1 million ELON.

Dogelon Mars had mounted a bit of a comeback act

Dogelon Mars had mounted a bit of a comeback act – but can it repeat it? Graph: CoinMarketCap


This initial spike was somewhat helped by the visibility boosting trick first performed by Shiba Inu: send half the initial supply to Vitalik Buterin, the creator of Ethereum. Mr Buterin has explicitly discouraged crypto developers from sending him their tokens, but this didn’t stop the Dogelon Mars team. This time around, however, Mr Buterin did not burn the donated tokens, and the circulating supply still remains more than half of the thousand trillion mark.

One way or another, the initial excitement did not last: just a few months later, it was closer to USD 0.05 per 1 million. This period of low prices lasted for a few months, even as the crypto market in general was moving to new heights.

Then, in October 2021, ELON suddenly came out of its hibernation, pretty much repeating its launch spike. This, too, proved to be somewhat short-lived, but this time, its decline largely repeated the general cooling in the crypto markets and wasn’t as dramatic.


Dogelon Mars price prediction 2023: third time’s the charm?

What does this mean for Dogelon Mars price prediction 2023 – can it mount another comeback?

This is where it gets tricky. On one hand, the overall crypto market sentiment in 2023 is quite bearish – so much so that influential business portals such as Bloomberg are proclaiming the start of another crypto winter.

On the other hand, Dogelon Mars remains a relatively small crypto. At the time of the writing, there were about 138 thousand unique addresses holding ELON; compare it to more than 4.2 million for Dogecoin or about 1.2 million for Shiba Inu.

This is risky, especially if you consider that the top 10 holders have 75% of the total supply. Still, this also presents an opportunity – growth from a smaller number is much more noticeable. 100K new holders for ELON would almost double its user base – and a price increase would be very likely. 100K new holders for Dogecoin would be barely noticeable.

Let’s put it another way: a single tweet from Elon Musk acknowledging the existence of the token would easily bring this amount of exposure – or even more. Of course, there’s no way to tell whether this would happen, so don’t use this to evaluate ELON’s future prospects. Rather, this just means that meme coins are much like memes: to succeed, they need continued exposure, a growing community of users and maybe a lucky break every now and then that helps them go viral.


Dogelon Mars price prediction 2025: possible developments

Usually, we like to look at a token’s long-term prospects, but, to be honest, ELON’s long-term predictions are be a bit more speculative than we’d like. Instead, let’s explore some possible paths, keeping in mind that these may or may not happen.

Unfortunately, there’s a flipside to investing in upstart tokens that could blow up in the future: it is also possible that the Dogelon Mars project could be abandoned. It’s not a very large crypto, its user base remains limited, and it doesn’t have any established uses beyond simply buying and HODLing it. If it fails to expand its user base and actually create some uses, it could eventually lose interest from its existing users.

So how can it attract some users? Well, as Dogecoin clearly shows, just because a token starts out as a simple meme coin doesn’t mean it has to stay that way. A number of businesses now accept DOGE as a form of payment – admittedly, it’s still more of a novelty but it is usable.

Could the same thing happen to Dogelon Mars? Maybe, but there’s a problem: the huge circulating supply. People are used to things costing a certain amount of money. 20 DOGE for a cup of coffee is understandable and intuitive. 2 million ELON – not so much.

So can Dogelon Mars increase its value, then? Yes, through something known as coin burning. This means intentionally sending crypto to wallets that cannot be accessed, effectively taking them out of circulation. The idea is that the remaining tokens would then increase in value.

Technically, it could be done: as mentioned, top 10 ELON wallets hold 75% of its total supply, so they could burn a notable amount if they chose to do so. Once again, though: it’s just a possible path, and there’s absolutely no guarantee or even indication that this would happen.


Dogelon Mars price prediction 2030: beyond meme coin?

Let’s consider another possibility: the stars align for Dogelon Mars, it gets a lucky break – or a lucky Elon Musk tweet, – attracts more users, burns some coins and increases its value. Then what?

Looking back at ELON’s price history, we see that price spikes have swiftly been followed by rapid declines – and there’s a very good reason for that. It’s fair to say that most people who buy Dogelon Mars hope to cash out at one point. If the price is high enough, they sell; this, in turn, brings the price back down.

To sustain a higher price, ELON would need other uses besides just selling it when the price is high. We already touched upon how it could become a form of payment. But could it move even further?
Again, this is possible. Consider Shiba Inu: it started out much like ELON, but now has moved to building its own ecosystem, complete with additional tokens and a decentralized exchange. If the community is there, new uses could follow.


A look at best Dogelon Mars price prediction tools

Pinning any definite prices on future crypto values is always a complicated undertaking, and it’s even more true for meme coins that still have to establish themselves. With this in mind, let’s look at some price prediction sites.

  • Wallet Investor puts the average ELON price in 2025 at USD 0.00000315, above its 2021 launch spike;
  • DigitalCoinPrice is less bullish: its Dogelon Mars price prediction 2025 stands at USD 000000843. This would mean that it would not repeat its launch success;
  • PricePrediction stands between these two predictions with USD 0.00000188 in 2025.

There are much wilder predictions out there. Crypto Academy quotes USD 0.40 as “most likely” by 2030, although it readily admits that these levels are impossible at the current token supply. This prediction prices in massive coin burning but, of course, it’s far from certain this will happen.

On a more cautious note, The Motley Fool lists Dogelon – along with other canine-themed cryptos – as “avoid like the plague in 2022”.

So, as you can see, the opinion is very much divided: there are those that expect steady but not stellar growth, those that expect the price to skyrocket and those that don’t see much of a future for ELON.

What to make of it?


Dogelon Mars price prediction today: the bottom line

As promised, we won’t try to pick a winner or provide any investment advice here. Rather, we aim to give the information you need to make your own decisions.

So what’s the bottom line here?
Dogelon Mars is a meme coin, and it’s not yet as established as Dogecoin or Shiba Inu. It has picked its memes well, and it has a promising user base, but there’s clearly room for growth.

Of course, that’s why people are interested in it: it has notable growth potential, provided that stars align just right. A single tweet from a high-standing crypto influencer could send it to new heights, helping it go viral. Massive coin burning could also push its price higher, maybe even to levels not attainable with its current supply. And, if it becomes popular enough, it may even start building its own ecosystem.

At Paybis, we try to provide a clear, level-headed view on crypto as it is essential for success. Therefore, we have to note that there’s no guarantee this would happen. Indeed, it’s also possible that there’s little investor appetite for meme coins – or this particular meme. And, if Elon Musk were to lose his popularity in any way, it would mean problems for a token that’s essentially the crypto equivalent of fan fiction.

This is a long-standing investment rule of thumb: the potential reward is directly proportional to the potential risk. This is what makes it exciting – and this is something to remember if you choose to buy ELON. Yes, it may be tempting to look at the success of Shiba Inu and think that all meme coins will repeat it. Still, for each Dogecoin or Shiba Inu there’s a countless number of failed tokens, so invest accordingly.

If you know what you’re doing and can handle the risk, these under-the-radar tokens can be a great way to spice up your portfolio. And who knows, maybe one of them will turn out to be the golden ticket.

What do you think? Do you have any of the long-shot tokens in your portfolio? Or maybe you believe we’re not cautious enough – or too cautious? Let us know what you think and check back for the next blog post where we’ll consider another under-the-radar crypto!



What’s the connection between Dogelon Mars and Elon Musk?

Absolutely none, other than, of course, the project tries to harness some of Mr Musk’s star power. The token is not endorsed by Elon Musk, and it’s not accepted as a form of payment by any of his businesses.

Will Dogelon Mars eventually be abandoned?

Admittedly, this is a possibility. At this point, it is just a meme coin – and, just as memes soar to popularity, they can also fall into obscurity. It could evolve into something more than that, but at this point, it’s still too early to tell.

Will Dogelon Mars reach USD 0.01?

This is a very tall order. Its current circulating supply is 551.41 trillion. Correspondingly, at this price, it’d have a market cap of USD 5.51 trillion or about one fourth of US GDP. It could, however, increase its price through massive coin burning.

Does Dogelon Mars have a future?

Maybe. It still could have a good run ahead – or it could even reinvent itself as something more than a meme coin. Or, it may lose its popularity and remain a short-lived, mildly successful fad. It’s your call.

Is Dogelon Mars a good investment?

It’s admittedly a very risky investment. It has bounced back before, and it might do it again – but it also might not. If you don’t bet the farm on it and manage your risks appropriately, it could be a fun little project to consider. As always, do your own research.