Fetch.ai Price Prediction – Past Performance and Forecasts

Fetch.ai Price Prediction – Past Performance and Forecasts

AI has been around for quite some time now. It’s a word that we are all familiar with, and it’s changing faster than most of us can keep up with. Every person, in some way or another, is now interacting with machine learning and AI.

Today, the growth of a peer-to-peer economy has further highlighted the importance of AI which works to remove middlemen. And that’s where Fetch AI comes in. This article looks into the project’s fundamentals and past performance of FET, while briefly making a Fetch.ai price prediction for the years ahead.


What is Fetch.ai (FET)?

Fetch AI is a technology that democratizes machine learning and AI. It does so by helping you find and connect with peers in a decentralized manner. The project provides an app and multiple tools to help consumers and suppliers interact directly with one another.

In layman’s terms, if your toilet broke and you needed a plumber, you’d most likely make a Google search, pick up the phone, make a call, and hope that the person you called is available. The hard work is done by you.

In time, this model got replaced with apps that act as the middleman and help you to connect with service providers directly. These apps, however, typically charge a fee from both parties to help them connect. You are still losing money.

And this is where Fetch.ai comes in. It removes the need for centralized intermediaries/middlemen, thereby reducing friction and cost for both parties. You connect with the service provider directly, with no costs attached.

Fetch AI coin is also known as FET and is the platform’s utility token, built on Cosmos-SDK. FET initially launched through a private sale on April 2018. A select number of investors were able to obtain the token for $0.068, slightly higher than its price today.

The token was later launched through the Binance Launchpad for the public, where tokens were sold for $0.086. Since then, FET’s price has experienced some price fluctuations.


Fetch.ai price performance

We can now have a look at Fetch.ai price history using the graph below as a reference. The company listed its Fetch crypto on Binance when the recovery of the 2018 lows was well underway. It would still take a while for it to see any potentially significant price growth, but several peaks occurred in the years after.

Fetch.ai price history

Two price peaks occurred in 2021. The first happened on March 25th, after the token grew 900% in value within 3 months, reaching $0.72. It would later experience a significant drop back to $0.20.

The second top and all-time high price of FET was in September 2021 when the token reached a value of $0.95. It’s worth noting that in both cases, the price of FET strongly correlated with the overall condition of the market. Smaller altcoins tend to follow the price of Bitcoin. 

As far as the price today, FET seems to have bottomed out in the $0.075 – $0.10 price range.

In a more recent chart, we can see it ranging in this area for the past 4 months, strongly coinciding with the market as a whole. We expect to eventually see sharper volatility in either direction, which is likely to happen towards the end of the year.

At this point, with knowledge of the project’s fundamentals and taking price history into consideration, we can start making predictions. Note, however, that the information we are about to share is not financial advice. We merely make an educated guess.


Fetch.ai price prediction 2024

In the final quarter of this, Fetch.ai is working on a large list of network, product, and ecosystem upgrades. These can be reviewed in Fetch.ai’s roadmap update and keeps us optimistic for long-term growth, despite the bearish market conditions. In the short term, however, market conditions and historical data indicate uncertainty. As such, our forecast is somewhat bearish. 

According to past cycles, we expect a price drop in the final quarter of the year in the range of $0.04 – $0.05 per FET. In December, the price action could improve slightly and a recovery phase might be upon us. 

  • Fetch.ai price prediction 2024: $0.08 – $0.10.


Fetch.ai price prediction 2025

Looking ahead to2025, we expect to see a strong recovery for FET, mainly due to market cycle dynamics. At this point, we are past one more Bitcoin halving. According to the charts above, FET did grow in value about 9 months after the halving, which would put the next potential growth phase in 2025.

Ethereum’s sharding has also gone into full effect at this point, which further highlights the importance of the recent Merge. Due to the improved sentiment that we expect to see, the value of FET tokens is likely to increase in value.

  • Fetch.ai price prediction 2025: $0.50 – $0.60


Fetch.ai price prediction 2030

In 2030, market cycles should be less volatile and we will likely be in a more regulated market. We also expect autonomous AI and machine learning to be more integrated into day-to-day life. Just think about the applications we could see in food delivery or transportation services.

Fetch AI may claim a large market share that Google has today, not to mention all intermediary apps. If this ends up happening, and given that the crypto markets continue to grow, we expect to see FET at higher price points.

  • Fetch.ai price prediction 2030: $3.50 – $5.00


Fetch.ai price prediction 2040

We can only start to imagine what the world will look like nearly two decades from now. What we do know is that AI technology will greatly reduce the current friction we experience in nearly every action we take in our daily lives. Expensive middlemen will no longer be necessary thanks to technologies that make better use of data. This is directly related Fetch AI and its goals, which will highlight the importance of the network.

At this stage, it would be a good idea to read through the project’s whitepaper and try to imagine the use cases we might see for FET during this time. If Fetch.ai becomes an integral part of the future of AI, the value of its token will follow suit.

  • Fetch.ai price prediction 2040: $5 – $15


Fetch.ai price prediction 2050

We don’t expect to see much more price action in the crypto markets after 2040, as disruptive technology cycles tend to occur in 20-30 year gaps (remember the mainstream adoption of the internet?). We would also need to ponder on the progress of centralized digital currencies and their limitations when it comes to volatile investments. Hence, at this point, our FET forecast remains somewhat similar to the decade prior.

  • Fetch.ai price prediction 2050: $10 – $15


Best Fetch.ai price prediction tools

If you’ve been around for a while you should know that articles like these do not substitute your own research. It is always important to do your own due diligence before buying any cryptocurrency. This chapter lists some of the best Fetch.ai price prediction tools to help you make better forecasts. Some of these are social channels and emphasize more on qualitative research. Other tools look at data as a whole, making more quantitative estimations. Let’s look at each one separately.

  • Discord and Telegram are two channels that you should be on. The trick here is to find the right groups to follow. Starting from the official server of Fetch.ai, try to network yourself into more exclusive groups that help you understand the future of AI in the context of Web3 and the role FET plays along the way. Both channels offer the opportunity to communicate directly with the core teams of Fetch.ai
  • Twitter is the place to be to understand the social sentiment for short to mid-term decisions. Enter a relevant hashtag and review what others say about FET. This channel will also keep you up to date with important news related to specific tokens and the market as a whole. Ideally, you’d want to create a Twitter List with users that talk about FET exclusively. 
  • LunarCrush is another great tool to help you understand the social sentiment. This tool has been around for quite a while and gives interesting data points to ponder. There is a free version of the tool that does a great job, but the paid version goes into further detail.
  • Nansen AI is another great tool. It can track wallets and identify important data that help you make better investment decisions. For example, if a large whale wallet sells FET, you will be notified and you can then explore what triggered this decision. This tool is for the experienced trader, as it is quite expensive to use.
  • TradingView, on the other hand, is free to use, and also improves your trading experience. It has a large number of charts and price indicators, as well as tools to help you make forecasts.


Looking ahead – Fetch.ai price prediction today

While the industry does not share a speculative Fetch.ai price prediction today, there is much information to be found surrounding the growth of Blockchain AI. 

According to Global Fortune Insights, the market size of Blockchain AI is expected to grow to $973.6 Million by 2027. This is a growth of 427% in terms of industry size, a measure that might further compound the value of FET before 2030.

Mahima Rajpoot sees this growth being evenly applied across multiple sectors, including healthcare, life sciences, financial services, and the supply chain. The key to success, as she points out, is data and its security. This perfectly formulates the underlying problem that Fetch.ai is currently working on.


Closing remarks on our FET price prediction

Fetch.ai is building a technology that will revolutionize the way we interact with services today. While we are still early when it comes to practical applications, we can already make predictions based on the direction that the world is headed.

In this guide, we looked at Fetch.ai and its token’s performance. We shared our FET price prediction and recommended the right tools to make your own forecast. Now it’s all up to you!

Make sure you regularly check the current FET to USD value to track your investment and find the best position to enter the market.


​​DISCLAIMER: Not Investment Advice

The information herein is for informational and educational purposes only and does not constitute financial advice. You should conduct your own research, consider your own circumstances, and be aware of the risks and opportunities before carrying out any crypto transactions. Capital at risk.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will Fetch.ai grow in value?

You should always do your own research. That said, according to our analysis, FET should grow in value over the next few years. Currently, many believe it to be undervalued. You can check how many tokens you can purchase with your current budget by checking Paybis’ Fetch.ai calculator.

What is FET worth?

You can check a detailed chart of the current Fetch.ai price, as well as other important metrics, on Paybis.  

Is Fetch.ai a Layer 1 blockchain?

No. Fetch.ai is an interchain protocol for web2 and web3 apps. It is built on the Cosmos SDK blockchain and thus has a Proof of Stake consensus mechanism.

Disclaimer: Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high‑risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong. Take 2 mins to learn more at: https://go.payb.is/FCA-Info